Lake Rocks Festival Big Price Money

We are just finishing up the 2023 SUP Race Season as we are getting the news of what most likely will be the biggest price money of 2024.

The owner and organizer of the SUP Alps Trophy, Gerd Weisner just announced an EUR 12K price purse for the Lake Rocks SUP Festival on Lake Faak in Austria. (May 9th to 12th 2024). This was his announcement on his Facebook page:

Damodara Mokhniuk at the buoy on Lake Faak

It looks like we are getting the biggest race of the SUP year early in the season and price purse like this should attract SUP Elites from all over Europe. This years “The Lake Rocks SUP Festival” could shape up to be the biggest yet in its history, particularly since the SUP World Festival in Barcelona had to postpone until further notice due to financial reasons.

Speaking of financial reasons: SUP Events appear to be doing extremely well as participation is growing. We had a massive turnout in Thailand at the ICF event and the GlaGla race in January shapes up to have nearly 800 racers. The EUOR Tour held may races all over Europe with competitive races that seen very good numbers in races.

With the Lake Rocks SUP Festival in Austria and a five figure price purse we are wondering how this is in sharp contrast to the over all state of the SUP Industry.

2023 SUP Sales are down

The biggest news this year was when FANATIC discontinued their race program and cut all their team riders Their over stock of 30K inflatable boards was also leading to a big discount in pricing particularly in central Europe. As we at the Stand Up Magazin gear up for the 2024 season we have been speaking to many dealers and manufacturers. NSP for example sent out an industry bulletin to media partners explaining that they will refrain from spending any marketing money in 2024 across the board. SUP mortar and brick stores are closing and even the Association for Watersport Centers across Germany and southern Europe are cutting their marketing budget to nothing.

Is this the great COVID hang over?

One might wonder that this discrepancy of growing numbers in SUP races and sluggish sales is the back end of the great boom we experienced during COVID. We all know that trends sports are cyclical and have up swings and down turns but from what we sense from our conversations our industry is not in good health.

At this time it is hard to estimate how long and how deep this recession might go. Our visit to the “boot” tradeshow in Dusseldorf might give us a clearer picture.

One thing how ever is certain: Without a healthy SUP and Watersport industry the production of a related magazine such as the Stand Up Magazin would not be possible.