Foils made from Wood

We first thought this is a joke when we saw the picture but after doing a bit of research we actually found on that there are some people experimenting with wooden foils. They also seem to work.

Saint-Brieuc-based “Crazy Lobster” caused a stir on social networks when they unveiled their wooden Foil project. Their aim is clear: to reduce the carbon footprint of the wingfoil industry, often criticized for its environmental impact. They claim that their wooden foil has a carbon footprint 10 times lower than that of a carbon foil.

In addition to the wooden foil, “Crazy Lobster” has also revealed plans for a cork-covered wood veneer board. These initiatives are commendable and aim to reduce the carbon impact of our sport.

The question now is the weight and rigidity of this wooden foil. It remains to be seen whether it can compete with the industry giants. Nevertheless, these innovative projects open the way to new possibilities for reducing the environmental impact of wingfoil.

It’s encouraging to see companies like Crazy Lobster engaging in green initiatives, seeking to rethink the materials used in equipment manufacture.

Stay tuned for further developments from Crazy Lobster. They could well mark a new era in the wingfoil industry, offering more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Here is the video of them in action:


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