Olivia Piana breaks Downwind World Record

Olivia Piana breaks James Caseys record by 71km.

Olivia Piana is in full SUP Downwind Foil mode and just finished and amazing run of 284km. After this run, her 32 miles across the Kaiwi Channel at the M2O will look like th short sprint.

This is the PR that crossed the wire a few days ago:

To raise awareness for the protection and preservation of Portugal’s dunes and ecosystems, Olivia Piana embarked on a record setting downwind run along the coast of Portugal. Starting in Peniche at dawn on June 29th, Olivia foiled for over 14 hours to cover a distance of 284km. The previous distance record, held by James Casey was also an astonishing 213km in 11 hours and 17 minutes. Regardless of who holds the record, it’s admirable to see all these incredible athletes raise awareness for both foiling as well as environmental conservation.