Agios on SUP Results

Who wouldn’t want to go an race an epic weekend in deep blue water on the beautiful island of Crete? According to the photos and the results, there was a great participation and nothing but happy faces.


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On the Tech. Race side looks like Juliette Duhaime had a clear advantage over the rest of the field, winning 6 seconds ahead of Caroline Küntzel. We have not seen these ladies racing in this combination all summer and usually see Cecilia Pampinella on top when it comes to Tech. and Sprint.

On the men side it was Christian Andersen who won pretty clear. We have not seen him racing since Scharbeutz where he was on a rather disappointing 16th place. We are sure his world rank will improve once all the data from the weekend is in. We also look forward to see how the rankings will improve for Davide Alpino currently sitting in 9th place.

Ladies Tech. Race Top 10

1Juliette Duhaime09:24.046
2Caroline Kuntzel09:30.317
3Cecilia Pampinella09:32:117
4Anna Tschirky09:33.617
5Susak Molinero09:42.887
6Αθανασία ΚΑΡΑΪΝΔΡΟΥ10:23.237
7Marta Apanasewicz10:31.606
8Maja Dolžan10:44.296
9Ιωσηφίνα-Ευγενία ΜΑΡΙΝΑΚΟΥ11:01:817
10Ελένη ΒΟΥΡΝΑ11:06.287

Men Tech. Race Top 10

1Christian Andersen08:16.426
2Paolo Marconi08:24.497
3Davide Alpino08:25.757
4Claudio Nika08:31.066
5Andrey Kraitor08:33.706
6Anastasios Tsouris08:48.346
7Βασίλειος ΣΑΜΝΙΩΤΗΣ08:53.147
8Αλέξανδρος ΠΡΑΠΑΣ09:02.987
10Linus Karlsson09:19.426

Sprint Finals

When it comes to women sprints we have Caroline as a top favorite as this is her specialty. However in this race she had to paddle real fast as Cecilia Pampinella was only a fraction of a second behind her.

On the men side it was a big celebration for Andrey Kraitor as this marks his first podium on a big international SUP Race. We are sure he was very happy with that.


1Andrey Kraitor00:00:36.847 
2Filippo Mercuriali00:00:38.076 
3Christian Andersen00:00:40.502 
4Davide Alpino00:00:40.956 
5Paolo Marconi00:00:41.677 
6Claudio Nika00:00:42.247 
7Vadim Korobov00:00:50.587 


1CAROLINE KUNTZEL00:00:48.000 
2Cecilia Pampinella00:00:48.157 
3Juliette Duhaime00:00:50.406 
4Marta Apanasewicz00:00:53.497 
5Susak Molinero00:00:54.101 
6Anna Tschirky00:00:54.277 
7Ιωσηφίνα-Ευγενία ΜΑΡΙΝΑΚΟΥ00:00:57.217 
8Maja Dolžan00:00:58.386 

Longdistance Men Top 10

1Christian Andersen01:10:42.869 
2Anastasios Tsouris01:11:57.267 
3Davide Alpino01:14:14.247 
4Βασίλειος ΣΑΜΝΙΩΤΗΣ01:15:07.947 
5Paolo Marconi01:15:29.576 
6PHAEDON DOUKAS01:17:38.276 
7Filippo Mercuriali01:18:02.763 
8Αλέξανδρος ΠΡΑΠΑΣ01:18:53.606 
9Andrii Kraitor01:19:46.736 
10Linus Karlsson01:20:22.349 

Ladies Longdistance Top 10

1Cecilia Pampinella01:20:21.187 
2Anna Tschirky01:23:21.968 
3Juliette Duhaie01:24:18.937 
4Susak Molinero01:29:46.838 
5Ιωσηφίνα-Ευγενία ΜΑΡΙΝΑΚΟΥ01:34:34.465 
6Αθανασία ΚΑΡΑΪΝΔΡΟΥ01:34:53.347 
7Michala Hendrichova01:37:12.339 
8Ελένη ΒΟΥΡΝΑ01:42:49.625 
9Maja Dolžan01:45:07.777 
10Αικατερίνη ΛΑΝΤΖΑΡΑΚΗ01:53:19.898 

Re watch the live action here:


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