Molokai Holokai 2023

We are now one week away from one of the most thrilling races of the season in Hawaii: The Molokai Holokai. This event is not just a single race but a series of races spanning over 2 days. The excitement begins on Friday the 14th with the M2Molokai Challenge. The 27-mile race course, starting from the west side of Maui and ending in Molokai’s main town, Kaunakakai, promises exhilarating waves and bumps for downwind enthusiasts.

For those seeking a repeat of the most exciting part of the race, there is an opportunity to stay on Molokai and participate in the 10-Mile Kamalo Run on Saturday. This section along Molokai’s south shore offers the perfect conditions as wind waves converge into shallower waters, creating incredible formations. We have all witnessed the awe-inspiring glides captured in videos and pictures of Connor Baxter.

If the Kamalo Run is not your preference, there are various activities taking place on Molokai on Saturday. Enjoy fun runs along the coast, immerse yourself in cultural activities, and even join a skate jam. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and make the most of their time on Molokai.

As we all know, Hawaii has shifted away from traditional SUP and is now pushing the boundaries in foiling. SUP pioneers like Dave Kalama and Andrea Moller have dedicated years to perfecting SUP foiling. Dave Kalama, in particular, introduced the “Baracuda Shape” to the world, making SUP foiling more accessible and easier to learn. We look forward to see him at the starting line on Friday.

Next to Dave Kalama and Andrea Moller we have an great field of local and international participants such as:

  • Fred Bonnef – French SUP and Foil pioneer and EURO TOUR Team Member.
  • Olivia Piana – French SUP and Foil pioneer with multiple SUP World Titles
  • Armie Armstrong – The Mad Foil Professor and SUP racer from the very first days
  • Tomoyasu Murabayashi – Japanese SUP Athlete from the early days
  • Matt Nottage – Australian SUP pioneer
  • Gabriella Bella – On of the few girls on Maui mastering SUP Downwind Foiling and promising water woman
  • Dave Kissane – Australian SUP pioneer
  • Rachel Bruntsch – Hawaiian SUP pioneer
  • Marcus Tardrew – Australian SUP and Foil shaper since the very first days
  • Jeffrey Spencer – Maui / Canadian young gun and 2nd at the M2O in 2019
  • Kane de Wilde – Maui local and dark horse for the M2O, developing after market foil stabilizers
  • Shep Nelson – Maui local foil pioneer

In total, we have a count of 39 SUP foilers set to cross the channel, and in a way, this will serve as a training run for the upcoming M2O race in two weeks. We anticipate some last-minute entries as the forecast models get more accurate.

The story of this year’s downwind month in Hawaii will undoubtedly revolve around SUP foiling. This young sport is currently at the stage where traditional SUP was back in 2010. The individuals who have mastered this sport are experienced water enthusiasts who have played a role in shaping it in various ways. Simply by participating in these races, they are contributing to the sport’s history.

While the results may not be the primary focus at this stage, showcasing what is possible and setting new records in the channel will be memorable moments in the history of this sport. The number of people mastering this technique is growing rapidly, and if we follow a similar trajectory as SUP did in 2010, SUP foiling has a promising future across waters worldwide.

Stay tuned for all the action over the weekend as the Stand Up Magazin will follow all racers across the channel trying to keep up and participating in the Wing Foil Division.

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