EURO TOUR Scharbeutz Results

The EURO TOUR Scharbeutz looked like an exciting event with some very interesting results. Michael Booth finally to a victory beating Shrimpy by almost a minute and most surprising at least watching from far: Leaving Noic Garioud over a minute behind. In fact his 5th place comes a bit as a surprise as Aaron Sanchez and Ricardo Rossi take 3rd and 4th. These top 20 results will shake up the SUP World Rankings quite a bit as this race should receive the maximum race index.

On the ladies side, things start to become a bit too predictable. It was once again the “fantastic four” ladies lead by Esperanza Barreras as always. On her heels also as, mostly, always was Duna Gordillo followed by Cecilia Pampinella all three of them within a one minute. The fourth was Anna Tschirky missing the podium by 43 seconds. These results should give the ladies top 3 in the SUP World Rankings a bit of a change as Duna is less than 40 points behind Anna on the 2nd place as of last week.

The ladies SUP Racing has really become very suspensful thanks to the new and strong Duna Gordillo, Cecilia Pampinella and Anna Tschirky. Seasoned and accomplished athlete Fiona Wylde said it like this:

I am so impressed with the talent and strength of the women’s fleet in SUP Racing. Everyone is strong, confident, and racing with good sportsmanship. I personally am really happy with the way I paddled yesterday.

I still have a lot of strength that I need to gain back after my injury, but I felt good with the way I was able to push it yesterday.

I’m happy to be in the mix with the top women, as this was one of the most competitive fields in the world. I’m always learning from my fellow teammates and competitors. You all make it fun to go racing, so thank you!

Results Top 20



  1. 29:10:00 Michael Booth
  2. 30:05:00 SHURI ARAKI
  3. 30:27:00 Aaron Sanchez
  4. 30:35:00 Ricardo Rossi
  5. 30:46:00 NOïC GARIOUD
  6. 30:48:00 Connor Baxter
  7. 30:57:00 Ollie Houghton
  8. 30:57:00 CLéMENT COLMAS
  9. 31:05:00 Arthur Arutkin
  10. 31:11:00 Jonathan Hegan
  11. 31:16:00 Eri Tenorio
  12. 31:21:00 PAOLO MARCONI
  13. 31:25:00 Blue Ewer
  14. 31:27:00 Norman Weber
  15. 31:46:00 Ty Judson
  16. 31:54:00 Christian Andersen
  17. 31:59:00 Andrey Kraitor
  18. 32:02:00 Ole Schwarz
  19. 32:33:00 Tom Grosup
  20. 32:50:00 Mattia Livornese
  1. 32:53:00 Esperanza Barreras
  2. 33:13:00 Duna Gordillo
  3. 33:31:00 Cecilia Pampinella
  4. 34:14:00 ANNA TSCHIRKY
  5. 34:35:00 Fiona Wylde
  6. 34:36:00 Alba Alonso Frey
  7. 34:57:00 Laura Quetglas
  8. 34:57:00 Susak Molinero
  9. 34:57:00 Claudia Postiglione
  10. 36:09:00 Tanja Ecker
  11. 36:55:00 Marta Apanasewicz
  12. 37:04:00 Velia Pisanelli
  13. 37:17:00 Susanne Lier
  14. 37:43:00 sveva sabato
  15. 37:48:00 Iva Dundova
  16. 37:56:00 Skadi langbein
  17. 37:56:00 Julija Doma
  18. 38:01:00 Malgorzata Cieplinska
  19. 38:41:00 Vera Lindmark
  20. 39:03:00 Petra Pyffrader