We all remember the epic ICE Race from last year. It was an ICF World Cup with international participation. We had the Spanish Juniors there and big names like Titouan Puyo and many more. We were all looking forward to another great event even bigger than 2022.

Then in October last year a disaster hit the organizers: Their lake front SUP Center “Honu SUP” burnt down. The owners and operators Nici and Dani Reinhart were on a vacation when they got the news. The devastation was big and the two did not see how they would be able to continue. With the help from the SUP Community they were able to raise some money and their landlord, the City of Thun did recognize the great work they are doing for the community.

Now the Honu SUP is back in business with a provisional structure. This weekend is the grand opening with the ICE Race. We all understand that with all that happened the race will not be as big as it was last year, but we are sure this year is just a trial and with the Honu Center back on its feet we are confident that Dani and Nici are already thinking of 2024.

If you have not registered you still have a chance to be part of this race taking place on one of the most beautiful race courses in the world.

GREAT memories from 2022


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Info for 2023


  •  SUP
  • Kayak (one/two)
  • Outrigger (one/two)
  •  Team boats (kayak four, big canoe, dragonboat, outrigger OC4/OC6)
  •  Rowing
  •  Rowing team

Program Friday, May 5th, 2023

Start number distribution and late registration at the lido Thun (Sport Village)

Board and material loading at the lido Thun (parking lot)

Programm Saturday, May 6th, 2023

Rowing and Rowing team (37 kilometer from Thun)

Start number distribution and late registration at the start in the Sport Village, Thun lido

Briefing at the start at lido Thun

Start rowing at the lido Thun

SUP, Kayak, Outrigger, Team boats (18 kilometer from Interlaken)

07:30 Uhr
People transport from Thun to Interlaken at lido Thun (Parking place)

Start number distribution and late registration at the start at Hotel Neuhaus, Interlaken

Briefing at the start at Hotel Neuhaus, Interlaken

Start SUP, Kayak, Outrigger, Team boats at Hotel Neuhaus, Interlaken

SUP shortdistance, juniors A, juniors B, kids und rowing U19

13:30 Uhr
Briefing SUP Shortdistance (5 Km), Juniors A (5 Km), Rowing U19 (5 Km) and Juniors B (2.5 Km) at lido Thun 

14:00 Uhr
Start SUP Shortdistance (5 Km), Juniors A (5 Km), Rowing U19 (5 Km) and Juniors B (2.5 Km) at  lido Thun

15:00 Uhr
Start SUP Kids (1 Km) at lido Thun

Program for all

Opening Sport Village at the lido Thun

11:00 Uhr
Expexted finish (reference time) at lido Thun

15:30 Uhr
Award ceremony in the Sport Village, lido Thun