ICE Race Honu SUP Center burnt to ground

Aloha community we got met with some bad news just on Monday morning: The Honu SUP Center in Thun, venue of on of the most successful and longest standing SUP races in Europe was burnt to the ground.

The cause of the fire right now is still unknown and remains under investigation by the fire department and the police. According to sources the fire broke out during the night in the early morning hours.

The owners and founders Dani and Nicci Reinhart were on vacation when it all happened and rushed back home right after getting the news.

If you have been at the ICE Race ever you seen the love and enthusiasm Dani and Nicci are putting into the SUP Sport and our community.

Lets help them rebuilding their lives and SUP station. We all love the ICE race and without that beeing built back up we most likely will not have an ICE Race next year.

Remember the great race of 2022:


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