Carolina SUP SUP Race Result Change

Results were posted, shout outs on social media were made and people were ready to the award ceremony. Then in the 11th hour we got a change / protest. Many people were surprised as the whole thing came up pretty late. Frankly Eri Tenorio and Aaron Sanchez went out of their way to catch a boat wake that must have gone unnoticed for quite a while as people were surprised to then find the order on the podium different from the way people ran across the finish line.

The only way we caugh wind of this was by seeing some social media posts with new results. There was no other communication by the organizers or what so ever.

Therefore the men’s top 5 now look as follows:

1Michael Booth Carine, WAM11 / 2902:01:13.8
2Danny Ching Hermosa beach, CAM22 / 2902:07:59.3
3Bodie Von Allmen Lake Oswego, ORM31 / 402:09:25.8
4Eri Tenorio Búzios, Rio de JaneiroM43 / 2902:09:35.3
5Aaron Sanchez Quetglas palma de mallorca, islas balearesM54 / 2902:10:00.8

Find the full race recap here.

Unfortunately at this point we don’t have more details. Regardless if the two went out of their way to find a boat wake or if the boat ended up too close to the racers one thing remains: Boat Wakes keep coming up in SUP Races. We did an entire write up on the boat wake problem at season opening SUP Race in Italy.

SUP Race organizer need to find a way to eradicate situations like this from even coming up. It is not an easy problem to solve, but boat wakes from any official boats must not be a deciding factor in a race. PERIOD!

Apart from the protest situation the there was more bad news for the race organizers as the weather turned bad and all Sunday.


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