Stand Up Magazin 2023 predictions

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! Welcome to the first post of this new year. The first call of business in this first week of January is going to make some predictions for 2023. We have many races that are mostly confirmed and we have some of the usual suspects were it is harder to make a prediction. For example as of right now the APP has not updated their website so we are not really sure what they will be doing in 2023. We would assume or in this case predict that they are trying to repeat their 2023 tour dates.

The ISA is another organization where it is hard to predict what will happen in the new year. We at the Stand Up Magazin however will predict that the ISA if they will have an event this year it will be announced last minute and the event will be held at a non central location.

One big event that we are also having a hard time to predict is the M2O. One of our favorite races was only held virtually and not in the actual Kaiwi Channel. It is hard to say if we are going to see the M2O this year and if so, will there be any SUPs left to compete? The big names in Hawaii have moved on to foiling and if we have an “in person” M2O the Stand Up Foilers would make the majority of SUP paddlers all together.

Anther difficulty for our industry in 2023 will be to predict how business will be doing. We are looking at tremendous pressures on our industry due to Post-Covid supply chain problems and over stock of gear. Europe is looking at an unprecedented energy crisis and in the USA inflationary pressures are weighing on consumer spending when it comes to hard goods.

We can all agree, that 2023 will be a very interesting and rocky year for our industry. If we can manage to stand together as a community and help each other out we will get through this. The Stand Up Magazin depends on a healthy water sport industry.


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