ICE Race und Honu SUP Center Update

We just got off the phone with Dani Reinhart from ICE Race and Honu SUP Center in Thun Switzerland. We all remember the fantastic ICE Race of May 2022. It was an ICF World Cup with great participation. In the SWR ranking it was even the fifth most important SUP race of 2022.

Sadly, we all remember the tragedy of Dani and his wife Nici when they received the news during their vacation that their beloved SUP center had burned down last fall. (It was confirmed to be arson). The devastation was great and so was the community response. Friends and family organized a gofundme page and the response was overwhelming.

It took Dani and his wife some time to get over the pain of their loss, but are now ready to look forward to a new and brighter future.


Dani told me that they have received the permits for a temporary structure and should be operational soon. In the meantime, the city of Thun is working on a master plan for the waterfront that includes water sports. Dani said they are thrilled with the support from the local community and that the city has included water sports in their long-term plan for the beautiful lakefront park. This gives them planning certainty well into the next decade. There are still some short-term challenges, but in the long run we will see a bigger and more beautiful Honu SUP Center.

The same goes for the ICE race. This year, Dani and his team will contest the long distance race from picturesque Interlaken back to Thun. Dani: “Running this race is an important part of our tradition and a way to give back to the community from which we have received so much support.

Remember the great event from 2022


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This year the ICE race will have to take a little break on the international stage, but in 2024 it will be back in full swing. Dani and his team remain in contact with the ICF to resurrect the race as a World Cup race and we are all very optimistic that the race will be even bigger in 2024. The ICE race is something that can be compared to Paris or the GlaGla race. It is more than just a race, it is an experience to paddle on Lake Thun in this picturesque alpine region.

We at the Stand Up Magazin will follow the story and keep you updated on the progress made.