boot preview with Director Petros Michelidakis

Aloha Petros, thank you for taking the time to write for Stand Up Magazine. It’s been a long time since we saw each other at the last boot. It was a different world back then in January 2020. I and the readers of Stand Up Magazine are very happy that there is finally a Beach World again.

We have some questions and things we would like to discuss. But first, tell us how you and your team have sat out the last 3 years?


Despite the difficult situation in recent years since boot 2020, we have been able to maintain contact with the water sports industry and our exhibitors. And this bond with the industry, the associations and the trade has been extremely helpful to us in planning boot 2023 since this spring. The good relationships are still there and the manufacturers are looking forward to a boot that will usher in the new water sports season in January.

Fair Director Petros Michelidakis / © Messe Düsseldorf / C. Tillmann

Our team has actually managed to present a boot that is near pre-Corona level.

Wow, yes that sounds like a lot of big challenges. We’re all glad it’s moving forward now. Are there any Covid restrictions we still have to deal with?

PM: There will be no more restrictions at boot 2023, just as there are in public life. We have thankfully left those times behind us. However, Messe Düsseldorf has also acted in the pandemic and has installed the latest “Hepafilters” in all exhibition halls, which filter 99.9 percent of the viruses out of the air and whose use also has a positive effect on energy consumption due to a lower supply of fresh air.

But now to more industry-specific questions: First, of course, we’re all wondering what’s behind the change of hall for Beach World. Can you elaborate a bit on that?

PM: Beach World is now part of the fair concentricity and is located in the middle of the action in Hall 17. This is certainly a big plus for the manufacturers and dealers. On the other hand, we had decided to do without the Wave. A new surf and beach event location will be inaugurated in Düsseldorf next spring, which will have the largest standing wave in the world. I am very happy that boot helped create the trend for indoor surfing. However, as we are always on the lookout for the latest trends, in 2023 we will be devoting more attention to wingfoiling and wingsurfing. There is a lot of fun and action to be seen on the large pool, which we have specially deepened for this purpose with the help of 34 wind machines. Beginners can first practice with dry training and later switch to wingsurfing on the large pool, which has been specially deepened for foiling.

We have been at boot with Stand Up Magazine for 10 years now. It is very nice to see that the latest trends are always presented in Beach World. I would even say, sets the trends as well. We had SUP racing in 2013, then Wave came in 2017, a few years before surfing became big in inland regions. Very cool that boot is always at the forefront of trends. How do you manage to stay so close to the pulse of what’s going on for so many years?

Carsten Kurmis German Waterman / ©Messe Düsseldorf / C. Tillmann

PM: Proximity to the market is very important for us trade show organizers. Knowing what’s going on there at the moment is an absolute must. This is the only way we can remain attractive. Water sports enthusiasts need to know that they will always be served the latest trends at boot. This applies not only to surfing and boarding, but also to boats. Especially after the last three years, many exhibitors are on board with boat premieres and have worked directly towards presenting their innovations in Düsseldorf.

There are also great and exciting developments in the diving sector, which we will attractively present at the upcoming boot in our new diving tower with 360° all-round view. Apnoea diving, for example, is on the rise and there will be great dives on it. Why do we manage this? We are in constant exchange with industry experts. We have special contact persons for each product area who are close to current events and actively support us in designing the individual theme worlds of boot.

What I have also noticed in the last 10 years is that often a new trend is taken up and many protagonists and athletes are there. After a few years then it seems, the show is moving on from the trend to other things.

PM: SUP has evolved from a specialty sport to a popular sport in recent years; it’s now as normal as jogging or cycling. And that is also a good thing. boot was actively involved in the implementation of SUP in the public and continues to support it. Because especially a sport that reaches many people needs to be promoted. That’s why SUP is still exceedingly attractive to us, and we also depict it on the water in a wide variety of forms. This year, for example, there will be exciting competitions on both boot Sundays, with amateur athletes competing against professionals.

What other participatory events and contests are there at the pool?

PM: With us, even the absolute beginner can get on the board and learn the right paddling technique from the instructors. Beginners can also simply let themselves be pulled while wakeboarding. The experienced team from Wasserski Langenfeld will give you tips on how to do your first laps on the board. In the boot Surfakademie it goes first of all on the simulator, there one trains with the professionals from the federation of German water haven schools. Those who have practiced steering are allowed to surf across the pool with the Wing, powered by the wind machines. There is a lot of fun and action during the contests and shows on the pool. There is the spectacular wakeboarding contest or the fast guys and gals at the pumpoiling, winfoiling, skimboarding or the special tow-in windsurfing show. I already guarantee a cool and chill Beach World atmosphere in hall 17.

Thank you very much Petros we are all looking forward to a great time at the beach world.