ICF SUP Worlds Longdistance Recap

When we looked at the results first we were sure wondering what was going on today in Gdynia. Lots of people must not have started or did not finish.

Then we turned into the live stream (yes the Stand Up Magazin is working on a 12hrs delay) and it became pretty clear what was going on. The athletes were greeted with ugly, windy onshore conditions in combination with a dark grey sky. The start then looked rather chaotic and it became apparent that his race is nothing for the inexperienced flat water paddler. The condition were very difficult to say the least.

According to our friend in the German team the morning was rather chaotic and the start times have been moved several times, which lead to confusion with the athletes and finally many athletes decided not to start. Frankly people were not very happy.

The field of open women was only 19 ladies deep and in the open men about 2/3 of all athletes started. It was the same picture in all the other classes, it looked like over all maybe half of the paddlers decided to stay on the beach.

The ocean looked like a turned over potato field and many paddlers found them selves in the water more often than not, at some point we even saw a board drifting in the water with no paddler attached to it.

Sadly also for Noic Garioud who had to pull out of the race due to his knee injury. It was also nice to see for Michael Booth to win this race, it must have been a nice redemption after the debacle from Santa Monica. He finished in 1:34:31.77. The open women was won by Esperanza Barrereras in 1:57:26.43

Watch the chaos for your self:


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Open Men Top 20

1Michael BOOTH AUS 34:31.8
2Titouan PUYO FRA 35:25.700:53.9
3Clement COLMAS FRA 38:43.704:11.9
4Arthur ARUTKIN FRA 40:42.006:10.3
5Daniel HASULYO HUN 41:38.107:06.3
6Manuel HOYUELA ESP 41:51.707:19.9
7Fernando PEREZ ESP 42:06.307:34.6
8Antonio MORILLO ESP 42:16.407:44.6
9Aaron SANCHEZ ESP 42:43.408:11.7
10Rai TAGUCHI JPN 43:51.109:19.3
11Ludovic TEULADE FRA 44:59.410:27.6
12Davide ALPINO ITA 45:13.110:41.3
13Donato FREENS NED 45:56.111:24.3
14Filippo MERCURIALI ITA 47:54.513:22.8
15Kaelan LOCKHART BEL 47:57.813:26.0
16Liran MACHLEV ISR 48:11.313:39.5
17Paolo MARCONI ITA 48:29.713:57.9
18Bodie VON ALLMEN USA 49:36.715:04.9
19Anastasios TSOURIS GRE 49:41.015:09.2
20Georgios FRAGKOS GRE 50:50.916:19.1

Open Women all

1Esperanza BARRERAS ESP 57:26.4
2Duna GORDILLO ESP 59:04.401:38.0
3Melanie LAFENETRE FRA 03:11.505:45.0
4Caterina STENTA ITA 05:45.608:19.2
5Amandine CHAZOT FRA 09:08.311:41.9
6Iona RIVET FRA 11:42.914:16.5
7Laura QUETGLAS ESP 14:17.416:50.9
8Angela FERNANDES POR 15:58.418:31.9
9Anna TSCHIRKY SUI 17:39.920:13.5
10Erica REVIL FRA 24:59.527:33.1
11Rika OKUAKI JPN 27:03.529:37.1
12Izaskun MARTIN ESP 27:55.130:28.6
13Holly PYE GBR 29:57.232:30.7
14Petronella VAN MALSEN NED 30:01.532:35.1
15Camille HOURON FRA 44:31.047:04.5
16Agathe RODIER FRA 45:59.948:33.5
17Jiwon CHOI KOR 01:19.703:53.3
18Vira LEMEKHA UKR 46:40.149:13.6
19Athanasia KARAINDROU GRE 47:47.150:20.6

Men Master 40 + all 25

1Pierre-allain DE BOIS FRA 55:32.6
2Olivier DARRIEUMERLOU FRA 58:07.402:34.8
3Tommy BUDAY CAN 02:01.006:28.4
4Fedul VICTOR ROU 05:45.410:12.8
5Miquel ROIGE ESP 06:14.610:42.0
6Iker BARBARRUBIO ESP 09:01.113:28.5
7Nicola MASCI ITA 10:10.914:38.3
8Oscar RUIZ ESP 16:08.420:35.8
9David AMEMOUTOU FRA 17:32.121:59.5
10Peter HAVN DEN 19:04.423:31.7
11Sungho HAN KOR 19:46.624:14.0
12Yann QUILFEN FRA 20:51.225:18.5
13Nikolaos PAPADAKIS GRE 28:13.532:40.9
14Mathieu ACKERMANN FRA 31:59.636:27.0
15Mario TAGARELLI ITA 33:35.938:03.3
16Georgios KLEINAKIS GRE 36:18.540:45.9
17Eran KANIAS ISR 39:00.343:27.6
18Jaroslav SOUKUP CZE 39:18.943:46.2
19Ole DETTMANN GER 40:47.245:14.6
20Albert FOLCH ESP 45:30.549:57.9
21Daniele CANI ITA 45:41.950:09.2
22Michele CAPIZZI GER 49:51.654:19.0
23Jittakorn SEEWANGRACH THA 03:46.208:13.6
24Wojciech REWAJ POL 27:49.032:16.3
25Balazs SZILI HUN 39:49.444:16.8

Women Master 40+ all 4

1Marie BUCHANAN GBR 30:20.2
2Elisabet LLARGUES ESP 42:21.812:01.7
3Takayo YOKOYAMA JPN 27:07.256:47.1
4Ioanna ROUSOGLOU GRE 55:10.424:50.2

Master Men 50 + all 25

1Daniel PARRES ESP 54:47.1
2Bertrand BAECHLER FRA 59:57.505:10.3
3Marc FORASTER ESP 59:59.505:12.4
4Christophe CONRY CHI 06:14.711:27.5
5Guido DONZE SUI 06:58.512:11.3
6Holger HASSENPFLUG AUT 07:10.812:23.7
7Bart DE ZWART NED 08:48.914:01.8
8Johan SKARSKOG SWE 09:01.314:14.1
9Peter WEIDERT GER 10:08.615:21.5
10Henrik CARSTENS DEN 10:18.915:31.8
11Scott KEON NZL 13:11.318:24.2
12Urban AKESON SWE 13:25.418:38.3
13Adam SZED POL 14:39.919:52.7
14Andrzej SIEWIERSKI POL 15:21.920:34.8
15Hauke HARTMANN GER 17:03.922:16.7
16Arnd DUNZINGER GER 18:26.223:39.1
17Andreas KAMMERER GER 18:49.724:02.6
18George SAMNIOTIS GRE 19:25.624:38.5
19Steve LYNN GBR 21:02.526:15.3
20Peter MUELHAUSER SUI 23:58.929:11.7
21Zsolt PETO HUN 27:37.932:50.7
22Krzysztof FALKIEWICZ POL 28:05.633:18.4
23Ofer HOROVITZ ISR 32:18.637:31.4
24Benoit SFILIGOI FRA 32:54.738:07.6
25Peter MARTENSSON SWE 33:41.138:54.0

Women Master 50 + all 8

1Penny TSAOUTOU GRE 20:43.9
2Sarah PERKINS GBR 21:48.701:04.8
3Diva HATAMI ISR 24:31.203:47.3
4Nataliia RUNOVA UKR 30:31.309:47.4
5Sara ODDERA ITA 33:04.912:21.0
6Petra PYFFRADER AUT 38:20.917:37.0
7Marion BEHRENS GER 44:15.123:31.2
8Emmanuelle MARCON FRA 48:13.127:29.1

Junior men top 20

1Vaic GARIOUD FRA 53:26.9
2Sergio CANTORAL ESP 56:44.103:17.2
3Nicolo RICCO ITA 56:49.303:22.5
4Augusto GARCIA ESP 57:52.704:25.8
5Sota IWAI JPN 58:11.304:44.4
6Simon ACKERMANN FRA 58:36.305:09.5
7Cameron TRIPNEY RSA 58:50.705:23.9
8Ivan FRUTOS ESP 59:07.105:40.3
9Kotaro MIYAHIRA JPN 59:38.906:12.1
10Joan GARCIA ESP 59:53.206:26.3
11Andres MARTINEZ ESP 01:09.907:43.0
12Ivan PUENTE ESP 02:28.609:01.8
13Lluis PEROTTI ESP 03:25.109:58.3
14Pablo CARBONELL ESP 03:30.410:03.5
15Isaac MARTINEZ ESP 04:01.210:34.3
16Guilherme FARIA POR 04:09.910:43.0
17Vojtech SEIDENGLANZ CZE 05:03.211:36.4
18Christos PISSADAKIS GRE 05:05.411:38.6
19Petr ROHLENA CZE 05:38.212:11.3
20Marc SIMONCELLI ESP 06:13.812:46.9
21Unax ETXEBERRIA ESP 07:48.814:21.9
22Lasse SAUERTEIG GER 07:55.414:28.5
23Migael TERBLANCHE RSA 09:03.515:36.6
24Denis STIGNEI ROU 09:32.016:05.1
25Nikolaos MALEKAKIS GRE 09:34.616:07.8

Junior women all 18

1Cecilia PAMPINELLA ITA 05:23.4
2Sonia CAIMARI ESP 05:43.300:19.9
3Alexia SOTO ESP 12:57.407:34.0
4Elene ETXEBERRIA ESP 13:59.208:35.8
5Laura NITTI ITA 19:14.113:50.8
6Amelia MORAL ESP 23:26.218:02.8
7Teresa CRIADO ESP 23:42.818:19.5
8Ana MARTA ESP 25:19.319:55.9
9Kyriaki LOGOTHETI GRE 30:54.325:30.9
10Anna HYKOVA CZE 34:48.729:25.3
11Marta APANASEWICZ POL 35:27.230:03.8
12Paloma PORTA ESP 40:43.935:20.6
13Csillag KOCSIS HUN 46:07.740:44.3
14Zuzanna TYLINGO POL 48:48.243:24.8
15Kaja NIEWIADOMSKA POL 52:07.446:44.0
16Maria BERI GRE 57:02.451:39.1
17Caoimhe GALLIGAN-BYRNE IRL 57:43.552:20.1
18Anna PESTI HUN 58:11.052:47.6