ICF SUP World Championships Technical Race Results

Connor Baxter snags the title running up the beach, Nika with a DQ after foul play.

Congratulations Connor Baxter getting his 2nd world title in Gydina. That mens final was quite something to talk about. In the Tech. Races Connor also initiated a new starting technique “The Kangaroo Start” it did him quite well except in the final where Claudio Nika was able to pull away in a crazy sprint. Getting to the first buoy ahead of the field. By buoy number two the race sure took a sudden turn. Connor was able to take over Claudio between buoy 1 and 2 making the turn as the first turn with Noic Garioud and Claudio Nika at his heals.

Then Claudio fell at the buoy turn and as he falls he puts his and on Noics’ board causing him to fall along the way. This incident then completely reshuffled the field. It is very unclear what Claudio Nika was trying to accomplish there, as Noic had the inside line, Claudio caught a chop and fell towards Noic and seemed to try to catch himself putting his hand on the board dragging Noic down with him.

Now Connor had a commanding lead and Titouan Puyo now saw his chance and was able to push himself to the 2nd postition between buyo 3 and 4. The race was far from over. Then shortly before buyoy 6 Rai Taguchi exploded and over took Christian Andersen going into 3rd place. In the front Connor took a bit of a wide turn at the last buoy opening up the window for Titouan to take over the lead, but Connor said no and dug even harder then jumping off the board before Titou and grabbing the win by sprinting up the beach. What a final that was.

Watch for your self: (3:23:02)


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1Connor BAXTER USA 05:17.4
2Titouan PUYO FRA 05:19.62.25
3Rai TAGUCHI JPN 05:21.43.98
4Christian ANDERSEN DEN 05:25.48.04
5Kaelan LOCKHART BEL 05:34.216.77
6Noic GARIOUD FRA 05:39.021.63
7Linus KARLSSON SWE 05:49.732.31

Connor after the race:


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Big surprise on the podium, upset for favorite April Zilg

The crucial sprint to the first buoy was a big battle with Melanie Lafenetre and April Zilg. Even Melanie had the inside line, April was coming in a bit wider but just passing everybody with dominance from the outer line.

From buoy 2 to 3 April was holding the lead tightly and it kept shrinking towards the buoy 3 as Melanie Lafenetre kept inching up from behind, but April was able to defend her lead for the moment. It was now Melanie Lafenetre and Duna Gordillo really closing in on April on the way to the next buoy. Duna was neck on neck with Melanie behind April.

At buoy 3 we saw the lead change as April took a bit of a wide turn leaving the window open for Duna to get the inside line taking over the lead on the way to buoy number 4. Melanie was also able to pass April and now the race was completely open as at the 4th buoy April once again took the turn too wide now falling back to the 4th position. Giving the 3rd away to Carolina Küntzel. Now April was battling with Caroline for the podium, but the race was far from over. At the next buoy things got even worst for April as this turn was right into wind she kept falling back even further. Duna was still in the lead up front but Melanie Lefenetra was closing in yet again and finally taking first place at the last buoy turn sprinting away from Duna on the last stretch. The podium seemed spoken for until: Duna making a last push for the win and then ending up falling into the water right next to Melanie. In chest deep water Duna was unable to run fast and Melanie now had her undisputed win. In the back came Caroline Küntzel taking over Duna stuck in deeper water. That was a crazy finish for these ladies and a very surprising / upsetting 7th place for April Zilg who was dominating the first half of the final.

1Melanie LAFENETRE FRA 05:56.2
2Caroline KUNTZEL DEN 06:02.26.02
3Duna GORDILLO ESP 06:10.814.62
4Esperanza BARRERAS ESP 06:15.018.85
5Rika OKUAKI JPN 06:21.425.25
6Anna TSCHIRKY SUI 06:25.729.49
7April ZILG USA 06:25.829.66
8Caterina STENTA ITA 06:33.337.1

Junior Final A

1Sergio CANTORAL ESP 05:40.7
2Vaic GARIOUD FRA 05:52.411.74
3Simon ACKERMANN FRA 05:55.114.43
4Augusto GARCIA ESP 06:05.825.14
5Nicolo RICCO ITA 06:08.828.07
6Ivan FRUTOS ESP 06:10.729.96
7Fernando BROTONS ESP 06:18.838.15
8Joan GARCIA ESP 06:23.242.48

Junior Girls Final A

1Cecilia PAMPINELLA ITA 06:25.0
2Sonia CAIMARI ESP 06:44.719.68
3Elene ETXEBERRIA ESP 06:49.424.39
4Alexia SOTO ESP 06:55.230.23
5Kyriaki LOGOTHETI GRE 07:07.342.32
6Ines BLIN ESP 07:20.655.63
7Maria SILVA POR 07:22.657.56
8Laura NITTI ITA 07:41.7+1:16.69 

Men Master 40+ Final A

1Olivier DARRIEUMERLOU FRA 05:51.0
2Tommy BUDAY CAN 05:56.45.33
3Reza NASIRI ITA 06:09.618.58
4Iker BARBARRUBIO ESP 06:15.123.99
5Miquel ROIGE ESP 06:19.728.65
6Daniel MILLER CAN 06:28.837.69
7Pierre-allain DE BOIS FRA 06:34.343.27
8Alessandro SAPIGNI ITA 06:42.751.6

Women Master 40+

1Susanne LIER GER 06:51.3
2Marie BUCHANAN GBR 06:58.47.09
3Takayo YOKOYAMA JPN 07:23.031.67
4Danielle HOLDSWORTH CAN 07:27.035.69
5Elin AULIN SWE 07:28.437.15
6Andrea KAMMERER GER 07:43.952.57
7Vera LINDMARK SWE 07:50.759.41
8Polona PUSLJAR SLO 09:12.5+2:21.18 

Men Master 50+

1Daniel PARRES ESP 05:45.8
2Marc FORASTER ESP 05:56.610.72
3Peter WEIDERT GER 06:02.116.21
4Christophe CONRY CHI 06:16.730.85
5Bart DE ZWART NED 06:17.431.53
6Johan SKARSKOG SWE 06:29.944.1
7Bertrand BAECHLER FRA 06:56.4+1:10.52 
8Carsten KURMIS GER 06:56.5+1:10.61 

Women Master 50+

1Petra PYFFRADER AUT 07:09.8
2Diva HATAMI ISR 07:09.80.01
3Sarah PERKINS GBR 07:17.57.75
4Emmanuelle MARCON FRA 07:22.412.63
5Anna OCCHIOGROSSO ITA 07:22.812.98
6Sara ODDERA ITA 07:47.237.38
7Marion BEHRENS GER 07:57.447.65
8Penny TSAOUTOU GRE 08:04.254.39