Learn how to foil

Foiling is really hard. It takes time practice and a good stamina and resilience to frustration. Other than in regular board sports where you board is floating on the water and there fore in a stable postilion the foil ads a new dimension to your experience.

If you have the opportunity to learn how to foil behind a boat or jet ski you can safe a significant amount of time. In this video I am taking out my friend Romy who was interested to get started on foiling. The best set up to use for a beginner is:

Board size:

Rider weight in kilos plus 20 liters. (If you are experienced in surfing, wakeboarding and other watersports behind a boat you can use a smaller board)

Foil set up:

Medium to short mast: This will keep you more stable and lower to the water.

Large front foil: This will ensure for a lower take off speed and the larger the foil the less roll you will have.

Big stabilizer with wing tips: This will give you additional stability as the wing tips will restrict to much yaw.

Medium to long fuselage: To short of a fuselage will make the set up too loose. In the first phase of your foiling experience you need not to do too many turns.

Important: Stay away from the turbulent water behind your boat or jet ski.

Tips for the driver:

Start slow so the student can develop a feeling of being towed. Once your rider is feeling comfortable increase the speed so the foil starts to produce some lift.

Be patient it will take a beginner at least 20 – 30 attempts to develop an understanding to the mechanics of an engaged foil.

Watch this first hand experience:


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