Gorge Paddle Challenge 2022 results

Connor Baxter and Bernd Roedinger had a close race, with Bernd crossing the finish line just 18 seconds behind Connor. The conditions were epic at the Viento Run this weekend, winds were blowing hard but maybe not as hard a back in 2019 when I was there last. Connor finished the run then in under one hour and so did many other guys.


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The elite ladies seemed to also have had quite a battle, all top three (APP participants) arrived within the same minute. It was Jade Howson who finished first, closely followed by Aline Adisaka and Stephanie Shideler. Same thing here with the times, Jades time was almost exactly 30 minutes slower than Fiona Wyldes time from 2019. Unfortunately she was out recovering from shoulder surgery. Maybe it was the wind or the current as the race goes upriver but downwind that caused the times to be significantly slower.

Speaking of 2019, as I just compared the results from 3 years ago we definitely see a big shift in demographics: The interest has clearly shifted from SUP to SUP Foil or Wing Foil. SUP Foilers like Mateo Ell or Kane De Wilde finished the course in less than half the time that Connor did. Of course this is very exciting and makes it that much more fun for the riders. This is all great and but unfortunately once great SUP Races like “The Gorge” start loosing relevance in the SUP World with trends like this. Back in the day we had more big names showing up at a race like this. Even back in 2019 there were plenty internationals and US names in the race. The race was also a qualifier for the APP. We certainly missed some bigger US names.

After paddling the paddle IMUA on my 14′ production board (heavy as heck) I re-discovered the fun of paddling, the great feeling of catching bumps on an actual board, even if it is half as fast as the foil, was absolutely amazing. I would only hope we can get people back on SUPs at downwind destinations like Hoodriver or Maui. Maybe if downwind races could be sanctioned by the ICF or the APP we could attract more elite paddlers, or simply wait until everybody has learned how to SUP Downwind Foil or SUP Flatwater Foil. I think this might be a good topic for one of my videos.

From a marketing perspective the organizers might be well advised to change the name from “The Gorge Paddle Challenge” to “The Gorge SUP and Foil Challenge” just like our friends in Germany who went from “SUP Festival Fehmarn” to “SUP and Wingfoil Festival Fehmarn”.

I think this might be a good topic for one of my videos.


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Men Elite Downwinder

RankName Time
1Connor Baxter1:15:03
2Bernd Roediger1:15:21
3Bodie Von Allmen1:19:15
4David Leao1:20:31
5Samuel McCullough1:21:40
6Garrett Fletcher1:24:52
7Tim Oliver1:25:38
8Sam English1:26:01
9Joshua Lanphear1:26:14
10Jake Graham1:27:51
11Campbell Carter1:28:09
12Dan Miller1:29:08
13Matt Jones1:31:49

Women Elite Downwinder

1Jade Howson1:31:19
2Aline Adisaka1:31:36
3Stephanie Shideler1:31:45
4Alyson Fromm1:32:28
5Alex Ostrowski1:32:37
6Michelle Silva1:37:10

SUP Foil Downwind

1Mateo Ell0:37:29
2Kane de Wilde0:37:59
3Tomoyasu Murabayashi0:40:53
4Toaura Haumani0:40:58
5Annie Reickert0:41:01
6Austin Kalama0:41:03
7Haunui Haumani0:42:20
8Dane Wilson0:43:31
9Malae McElheny0:43:51
10Jan Boersma0:44:48
11Rod Parmenter0:44:49
12Matthew Elsasser0:44:50
13Matt Costa0:44:58
14Isaac Levinson0:45:50
15Chance Fielder0:47:56
16Tj Gulizia0:48:06
17Herald Haumani0:49:55
18Kevin Fujimoto0:51:25
19Tre Hendricks0:51:55
20Cody Cornett0:54:11
21Gabriella Bella0:54:39
22Macrae Wylde0:55:46
23Dylan Vogel1:01:34
24Randy Orzeck1:26:12
25Melissa Selvidge2:16:12

Pro Wingfoil Downwind

1Christopher W MacDonald22:23.0
2Morgan Ostermann24:01.5
3Fred Hope24:23.6
4Aidan Nicholas24:33.4
5William Winner24:40.0
6Chris MacDonald25:19.0
7Robby Stewart25:22.3
8Joey Pasquali25:25.3
9Gabriel Paquette25:27.7
10Morgan Headington25:53.0
11Henry Vare26:26.2
12Livio Menelau27:31.3
13Ewan Jaspan27:39.7
14Luca Vuillermet28:08.4
15Bobo Gallagher28:58.6
16Geoff Headington29:06.5
17Adam Withington29:53.2
18Matt Schollard31:03.5
19Wren Dougherty31:10.3
20Kai Mirel33:49.3
21Amanda Schollard36:47.9
22Nick Bjork36:54.0
23Sensi Graves36:59.5
24Nadja Bianchet40:29.3
25Laura maher44:11.4

Junior Boys Downwind

RankName Time
1Trace Ostrowski12:58.8
2Max Webster15:28.2
3Charlie Hooper34:27.6

If you guys like to take a trip down memory lane and see how things changed over the years, we started to keep track of this race starting in 2014. (2016 somehow missing)

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2020 CXL due to Covid.

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