Gorge Paddle Challenge 2021 Results

After a bit of digging we finally found the results for the Gorge Paddle Challenge. Congratulations to Connor Baxter and Fiona Wylde they both won the downwind and the course race. It was also nice to see that there was, despite the pandemic, a great turn out in the open class. Sadly the elite class did not see as many participants as we had in the past. Hopefully that will change next year.

Course races


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Elite Men Course Race

1Connor Baxter30:12.1
2Itzel Delgado30:28.6
3Josh Riccio30:46.4
4Eri Tenorio31:23.3
5Bodie Von Allmen33:03.5
6Tyler Bashor34:34.1
7Bernd Roediger35:52.2

Women Elite Course Race

1Fiona Wylde34:28.6
2Jade Howson36:15.9
3Stephanie Shideler36:38.3
4Juliette Duhaime37:27.3
5Abby Baker38:53.7

Elite Women Downwind

1Fiona Wylde1:08:04
2Jade Howson1:14:27
3Stephanie Shideler1:17:03
4Abby Baker1:19:53
5Juliette Duhaime1:20:30
6Kalia Alexiou1:24:02
7Eva Scherer1:24:23
8Karen Kennedy1:26:38
9Kira Buchanan1:28:24
10Alex Ostrowski1:30:37
11Adela Umannova1:32:48

Elite Men Downwind

1Connor Baxter1:00:52
2Josh Riccio1:04:31
3Bernd Roediger1:04:39
4Tyler Bashor1:08:19
5Bodie Von Allmen1:08:33
6Itzel Delgado1:09:46
7Eri Tenorio1:10:45
8Steve Miller1:11:32
9Matt Jones1:16:47
10Anthony Galang1:19:47
11Zach Rounsaville1:25:33
12Rafael Apodaca1:28:22

Downwind SUP Foil

1Mateo Ell0:43:27
2Jack Ho0:45:23
3Austin Kalama0:53:08
4Tomoyasu Murabayashi0:53:52
5Macrae Wylde1:01:51
6Rod Parmenter1:02:24
7Tre Hendricks1:08:22

Everybody wants to wingfoil now days.


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Wingfoil Downwind Top 10 of 47

1Jefferey Spencer0:25:05
2Finn Spencer0:25:08
3Christopher W MacDonald0:29:04
4William Winner0:29:57
5Livio Menelau0:31:45
6Aidan Nicholas0:32:07
7Chris G MacDonald0:33:03
8Geoff Headington0:33:25
9Bobo Gallagher0:33:25
10Alex Aguera0:34:11

Groms Downwind 12 – 14

1Bobo Gallagher1:24:22
2Jameson Roeber1:24:28
3Trace Ostrowski1:28:40
4Soryn Preston1:33:19
5Maylee Jaggi1:37:16
6Charlie Dine2:12:25

Juniors Downwind 15 – 17

1Riley Jaggi1:13:42
2Campbell Carter1:13:51
3Max Webster1:18:14
4Peyton Wells1:23:02
5Trinten Beauchamps1:37:13
6Charlie Hooper1:41:10

Wingfoiling Course Race

1Christopher W MacDonaldmale0:13:23
2Jefferey Spencermale0:15:27
3Fiona Wyldefemale0:16:05
4Mary Rose Kissingerfemale0:16:09
5Sam Shannonmale0:16:12
6Charles Dietrichmale0:16:50
7Finn Spencermale0:16:51
8William Winnermale0:17:38
9Alex Agueramale0:19:23
10Aaron Salesmale0:19:35
11Chuck Pattersonmale0:20:37
12Livio Menelaumale0:20:53
13Macrae Wyldemale0:21:48
14Ryder Tremblemale0:26:01
15Chris G MacDonaldmale0:26:12
16Max Kellnermale0:27:08
17Bobo Gallaghermale0:27:29
18Colin Bracemale0:27:49
19Nash Hawkinsmale0:29:45
20Peter Mehrhofmale0:31:19
21Sensi Gravesfemale0:43:19
22Nicole MacDonaldfemale0:43:22
23Zach Kaysermale0:44:52
24Chris Pagdilaomale0:49:52
25Talia Tolandfemale0:53:52