USA Surfing SUP Race and SUP Surf Trials

While Europe was busy with numerous races, in California the US Surfing Association (USA Surfing) held their SUP Trials for the US SUP Team 2022. It was awesome to see some of the great names in the sport coming out to get qualified for the ISA SUP World Championships.


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Distance Race

1Danny Chingmale34:07.6
2Connor Baxtermale34:08.5
3Bodie Von Allmenmale36:50.3
4Jake Grahammale44:15.4
5Riley Jaggimale50:25.6
6April Zilgfemale52:55.7
7Dan Millermale53:19.4
8Stephanie Shidelerfemale56:17.4
9Nick Delficomale02:09.6
10Victoria Burgessfemale06:50.7

Men Tech. Race

1Connor BaxterOpenmale16:38.1
2Campbell CarterJunior (18U)male17:30.5
3Bodie Von Allmen18Umale18:28.3
4Riley JaggiJunior (18U)male19:26.8
5Dave BoehneOpenmale20:20.5
6Dan MillerOpenmale21:55.9
7Bobo GallagherJunior (18U)male25:08.2
8Dennis GibsonOpenmale28:50.2

Ladies Tech. Race

1Candice ApplebyOpen20:59.2
2April ZilgOpen21:13.6
3Soryn PrestonJunior (18U)24:11.0
4Victoria BurgessOpen26:15.2
5Lexi AlstonOpen27:37.4
6Maylee JaggiJunior (18U)34:31.8
7Lindsay WeidnerOpen34:50.3
8Jade HowsonOpen34:54.8