Ultra Longdistance SUP

All in the spirit of ultra longdistance SUP and paddle race fans. Airbord from Switzerland with a concept board for the Yukon River Quest 2022:

A not quite everyday SUP we have discovered at Airboard. – A so-called Concept SUP. Not built for mass production, but to push new levels.

The nose shape seems to some something to get used to, for others it is already epitome of fast inflatable SUP. Because this element has proven itself from an earlier “Concept” and went into series production. What is new is the two-layer construction. A deep, stable stand with a second, raised air chamber which additionally secures and stabilizes the SUP. Experienced race paddlers will now object that this “trough” is a bit awkward when you want to lunge backwards for a pivot turn. Well, according to the designers, pivot turns are not intended for this board, because the raised air chamber also serves as a “luggage depot” for long SUP expeditions, so-called “ultra long distance”. The SUP is specifically designed for distances from 40km upwards. This means one and multi-day tours of several hundred kilometers with bag and baggage. Tent, sleeping bag and food should find place on this SUP. The deep stance makes the 14′ board with a width of 26″ stable enough to paddle in more arduous weather conditions. Another feature: a spare paddle that mounts to the SUP using four pairs of threads. Firmly anchoring the paddle to the SUP gives the SUP immense rigidity.