Ocean Initiatives – helping our waters

The Ocean Initiatives is an international program of the Surfrider Foundation Europe with the goal of uniting all cleanups of a year across countries and thus reaching and motivating even more people to actively engage in environmental protection.

The goal of Ocean Initiatives is to stop the pollution of the waters by waste. They enable every citizen to take this first step in the movement to protect the oceans. The Surfrider Foundation Europe accompanies the volunteers to enable them to organize a cleaning action on their own, and helpfully assists them with a set of materials (promotional materials, gloves, garbage bags) as well as a few tips and a bit of pedagogy.

Organizers get greater exposure and more participants for their cleanup. By participating in one of the cleanups organized as part of Ocean Initiatives, participants become directly aware of the impact of pollution on the environment and the connection between self-made waste and nature.

You have the opportunity to raise awareness about waste pollution and help us improve scientific knowledge. Thanks to your collected data, Surfriders can confront politicians and industrialists with the problem. The more people participate, the greater the impact and the more likely it is that laws and production will be changed.

Last year, Ocean Initiatives 2029 Cleanups registered a total of more than 63,000 participants in 39 countries.

More infos at www.initiativesoceanes.org

by Daniel Kern