VAYU Wing V2 Release

The VVING V2 embodies all the power, responsiveness and acceleration of a VAYU design.

The Bridge-Boom

The VVING V2 includes Vayu’s innovative Bridge-Boom and strut construction introduced with our first model. It’s direct feel and responsiveness has been celebrated by both newcomers and advanced riders. The improved Bridge- Boom and a subtle change in positioning makes the new Vayu VVING V2 more stable in low wind and more neutral when riding a wave. The weight of the handles has been reduced and for those seeking an ultra-light wing, optional carbon booms will be available in March.


Refined Shape

We’ve redesigned every aspect of the wing. The refined profile and tension distribution, as well as our unique bridge-strut, are the main factors in the structural stiffness. A new adapted aspect ratio gives the VVING V2 more control in high and low wind conditions and improved upwind performance and handling. The new panel layout and design allows the VVING V2 to boost up naturally in the lightest breeze and continue to perform when overpowered. Control and power go hand-in- hand with the Vayu VVING V2.

State-of-the-Art Construction

Strength, durability and weight were prime goals when developing the VVING V2. New materials, a thinner Middle Strut and shorter handles with molded attachment fittings lead to an overall lighter wing without compromising durability and performance. The combination of Double Rip Stop and Dacron provides unrivaled durability and together with new reinforcements, guarantees worry-free, long-lasting joy.

“Riders will love the precision and direct feel of the bridge-boom in the
VAYU VVing V2. The design team has built performance into every
detail and that’s something you’ll feel from the moment you have it in
your hands. Just be careful – riding with the VVing V2 may be addictive.”

Taty Frans (2x PWA Freestyl Vice World Champion)

Colors and Sizes

Optional Carbon Boom