SUP Suisse Tour 2022

We just got the tour dates from SUP Suisse. The season will be opened with a banger: The ICE Race in Thun. This race is one of the longest standing SUP and Paddle Races in Switzerland. Stay tuned for more infos on all of theses races in our race calendar:

  • May 7th – 8th, Ice Race Thun
  • June 19th, SUP Race Bern at Wohlensee
  • June 25th, Paddle Festival Arbon
  • August 14th, Davossurf
  • August 27th, SUP Race Uster at Uster Triathlon
  • September 24th, SUP Suisse Flatwater Championships Richterswil

Quick message from the SUP Suisse Team:

On June 11th, we organize a Board Test Day. This test day is still being heavily worked on. Still, one of the main goals is to allow paddlers to test and compare multiple race boards in different widths.

We will release further details about the tour and all partners on March 16th at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We can not wait to do so – it is coming together very nicely. Thank you for your patience.