Bluefin’s journey begins at the beginning of the 2010s, born from Founder, William Vaughan’s, well-spent youth on the water in the western Southern Uplands (West Coast of Scotland), and his love for all things aqua. Starting straight out of university around Will’s kitchen table, came an eagerness to create a range of premium kayaks that all the family could enjoy, just as much as he did, without breaking the bank, and without compromising on quality. Thus, the Bluefin Kayak brand was born.

As a family-established business, we worked passionately on growing the Bluefin Kayak brand, which quickly gained in popularity and an amazing aqua-loving community soon formed. However, logistical issues caused problems delivering the full-sized kayaks, particularly overseas. This, as well as our Bluefin community’s increasing interest for all things watersports, ignited the idea to adapt to creating high-quality inflatable boards; ones that could easily be transported and loved by all…which is exactly how today’s Bluefin SUPs brand began.

Many years have been invested, working tirelessly on research and development, constantly making improvements to the Bluefin collection, in order to continuously cater to the changing needs, interests, trends and lifestyles of our ever-growing community.

Today, we stand proud to offer a wide selection of inflatable Bluefin SUP paddle boards to suit everybody; from juniors and complete amateurs looking to get into the sport for the first-time, to seasoned ocean-tourers. There’s a Bluefin for everyone: made with love, by SUP lovers.

Brand Mission

The Bluefin SUP brand mission is simple. It’s to always cater directly to our community. This can easily be seen in the evolution of our super popular, all-rounder paddle board, the Cruise.

Starting from 2018, from our initial Cruise model, the board’s design has changed and developed significantly. This has always been as a result of our Bluefin ethos to keep in touch with what our community is looking for. We spend a great deal of time looking into our paddler’s reviews, ideas and we regularly ask them for feedback.

We take pride in being a humble brand, one where it’s our community who leads our brand’s ideas and development, and we look forward to seeing where this takes us next.