Red Bull Midsummer Vikings 2021

Ready to take on a challenge? Gather up a team of friends and secure your spot at Red Bull Midsummer Vikings now – registration is open for 2021!

Behind the concept for Red Bull Midsummer Vikings is Casper Steinfath who is double European and World champion in SUP – and of course the best paddlesurfer in Denmark.

At Red Bull Midsummer Vikings, the participants will experience how it feels to push themselves to the limit as the teams must paddle for 24 hours in a row – both in daylight and in darkness. Each team consists of three to five paddlers and it is up to each team to decide how often their paddlers will take turns during the 24-hours the race.

Red Bull Midsummer Vikings is your chance to truly challenge yourself and push your own limits. Participants can expect a unique SUP-experience on the water as well as on land, where the race area at Amager Standpark will be transformed into a fully equipped campsite.


In 2019, 32 teams and over 150 paddlers participated in the event, which in total covered a total distance of almost 5000 kilometres. This is equivalent to having to paddle from Denmark to Iceland – and back again. The teams came from Denmark, Sweden and Germany, so you can look forward to international competition when showing up at Amager Strandpark for the next edition of Red Bull Midsummer Vikings.


Part of the idea behind Red Bull Midsummer Vikings, is to create awareness around various charity projects, by raising money during the event.Each team is therefore required to make donations per lap they paddle and thereby support the chosen project. Each team is encouraged to find a sponsor that can help with this donation.In 2019 the event raised 10.000 euro to the organization ’Plastic Change’ and their fight to reduce plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

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