SUP buying tips

Presented by STARBOARD

The next summer is coming and many will ask themselves: Should I buy a SUP and what kind of board suits me?

Starboard has developed a few fact sheets that we want to look at in detail here. It’s not just about the price but fundamentally about the question of which board suits me best.

First question: Inflatable or Harboard?

We at Stand Up Magazine are personally leaning towards the hardboard. Especially those people for whom SUP is more than a seasonal hobby a hardboard is a serious consiceration. As we see in the graphic, a hardboard is unbeatable in performance and durability. As a counterpoint, of course, is the storage space and transportation.

Whereas during transport more and more iSUP are spotted on car roofs and also an iSUP lasts longer if you do not store it rolled up. But all this is up to you to consider.

10 qustions before buying

1 – 3 Self-assessment

First you should ask yourself who uses the board the most. Is it the children or the parents? What is the body mass of the person who uses the board the most and of course your own abilities are important.

4 – 7 When and where?

It is very important to define the field of application. For example: Do I want to paddle with it for time? Do I prefer to go to SUP yoga with my board or do I want to go surfing with it? This question goes hand in hand with the where. Where do I want to go with it? Will I be at the ocean with waves a lot or at our home at the lake? Don’t forget you will have to store the board somewhere. This question where the board is stored should be absolutely clarified before the purchase. Finally, how strong am I? (7) You will also have to carry the board from A to B.

8 – 10 Pricepoint – Accessories and Love the Ocean

Once we have clarified all the above, then of course the price comes into play. Here is a simple rule of thumb from Stand Up Magazin: Who pays junk prices also gets junk. Buy a brand product, behind all brands are people who are committed to the sport of SUP and not just profit. If you read Stand Up Magazine you will get a good idea of what these brands are. (9) Don’t forget the accessories: paddle, PFD (buoyancy aid) and a leash.

Finally, love the sea, your home waters wherever you live! Do not throw your trash into the water. Even a SUP will be waste one day. Therefore, inform yourself about the sustainability of the product you buy. Not all brands are equally active.