ICE SUP Race Interlaken 2 Thun

The ICE SUP and Paddlerace in Switzerland has a long standing tradition. Its organizers from “Honu SUP” in Thun are longstanding members of the Swiss SUP movement. They were also the founders of the “Swiss SUP Tour” and ran the tour for many years. Now they are just focusing on their Race: The ICE Race from Interlaken to Thun along one of the most panoramic scenery in Switzerland.

Grand Slam of the EURO TOUR 2021

To make things more exciting this year, the ICE RACE has become part of the EURO TOUR and marks the season start of the European SUP Tour. The price purse is EUR 4500.-

Many categories

The race is not restricted to SUP only. The race has the following categories:

  • SUP
  • Single kayak
  • Outrigger Single
  • Kayak canoe two-man
  • Outrigger two-man
  • Crew boats
  • Team relay
  • SUP Technical Races

If you participate make sure you be there on Friday before the race for registration and loading of your gear for transport to the start line.

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