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Baltic Sea Festival 2023

June 2, 2023 @ 8:00 June 4, 2023 @ 17:00 UTC-7

Boat classes:
Welcome to the Oceansport Festival, we don’t want to exclude anyone, so we will offer you
all the options for your paddling preferences.
SUP, Surfski 1ér und 2ér, OC1 und OC2, Vaá 1ér und Vaá 6ér
All boat classes can be driven as female or male rating. Mixed scoring is possible in both the
two and six (at least 2 women).
However, an individual rating is only possible if there are at least five boats starting in the
respective boat class / rating!
New: A junior race will be held separately, which will be evaluated separately and given
high-quality prizes. The aim should be to give Oceansport a platform for youngsters and to
guarantee the clubs a safe environment for their first entry / sailing on the Baltic Sea. We
will bring more detailed information in the course of time, as this race is supposed to be
the starting signal for a bigger idea. Let yourself be surprised.
The main race (profit track) will be held as a downwind over approx. 27 km on May 21, 2022.
For juniors (15-18 years) and beginners there will be a shortened race of approx. 13 km
(beginners track).
Start 1: Eckernförde (south beach) 24340 Eckernförde
Start 2: Eckernförde (south beach)
Goal 1: Diving place Kiel, Sportstrand, Am Deich 1, 24229 Strande
Goal 2: Grönwohld Camping (water sports beach)
Since the races are held as downwind races, the start and finish can be swapped due to the
wind direction.

– The route goes from the south beach along the warning area in the direction of the Kiel
lighthouse to the Strande sports beach. On the way, the race for the beginners ends at the
Grönwohld Camping site.
• The route always runs along the coast.
• The restricted area Surendorf must be bypassed on the lake side.
• Before Dänisch – Nienhof, turn off at the marshal towards the Bülk lighthouse (checkpoint).
• The Bülk lighthouse is bypassed.
This route applies to southwest to north winds. In the case of wind from north to southeast, the route is driven in the opposite direction.

Schedule (provisional):
Friday June 2. 2023
• Getting there
• 3pm first common downwind 12km
• Boat testing on site at Grönwohld Camping
• Booking option for Downwind Clinic (to be agreed in advance with the cracks)
• Joint evening and exchange of experiences as required on the festival site
• Registration for Saturday until 6 pm-9pm

Saturday June 3rd 2023
• 8:00 am to 10:00 am: Registration at the Grönwohld festival site
• 10:30 am: Race briefing for all participants (compulsory participation) at the Grönwohld
festival site
• 11:30 am: Departure to the start
• 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm: unloading, moving vehicles, preparation for take-off
• from 13:30: check at the starting point
• 2:00 pm: Start of the 2nd Baltic Sea Race
• Depending on the number of entries, the junior race will be started separately
• from 4:00 p.m.: finish (the last person should have made it by 6:00 p.m.)
• 8:00 p.m. award ceremony and a cozy end (from 7:00 p.m. catering in buffet form, which is
also suitable for vegetarians, is included! The beer cart on the festival meadow can be
bought yourself and is available for you.)
The organizer reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the race at short notice in the event
of bad weather. In the case of weather conditions that make the race impossible, the
organizer cannot accept any liability and, from an organizational point of view, unfortunately
cannot reimburse the entry fee.

Sunday June 4th 2023
• 10am common downwind
• Depending on wind conditions between 12 and 18 km
• The route will be announced the evening before
• Please be at the starting point in good time

All routes driven are discussed in advance by the organizers and their surf and ocean
professionals and communicated to all participants in a briefing. The aim will always be to be
able to welcome all paddlers back to the finish line in good health, the DLRG will give
everything for this.
• Basically a shuttle service for boats is offered.
• The boats can be shuttled on the boat exhibitor’s trailers for a fee of € 5.00. Preregistration is essential!
• If the places are taken, the participants should help each other, as at any other event.
• The BUS passenger shuttle still needs to be clarified, as there will certainly be
• The races are driven on the open Baltic Sea. Every participant is aware of the resulting
dangers. Each participant starts at their own risk. The organizer assumes no liability for
personal and / or property damage.
• Participants who have not yet reached the age of 18 need permission from their legal
• Every participant is obliged to help participants in need.
• The mobile phone coverage on the route for feedback to the race management is 100%.
Communication between the race management, the support vehicles (water and land) and
the participants takes place via the cellular network.
• At least 8 lifeboats will accompany the race. One boat is the lead boat with the first. A
second boat will complete the field as the “finishing boat”. The other boats will commute
regularly between the tour and the end. The support boats can pick up participants in
distress and bring them ashore on the direct route. From there they will be taken over by an
escort vehicle. Rescuing participants in need has priority over securing the material.
• Participants who clearly miss the finish time of 6pm will be taken out of the race by the
finish boat.
• Participants who have opted for the professional track when registering and who get off at
the beginners track for personal reasons will have this time officially noted, but are
considered DNF (Did not finish).
• All route points explained in the race briefing are to be bypassed, in the event of a clear
violation, the participant will be rated DNQ (Disqualified). These points are also used as
control points!
• In windless conditions, the routes are driven on a circular route, which is intended to
prevent possible overloading. It is also an ecologically sensible alternative to avoid
unnecessary shuttling in this case.
Safety equipment for all participants (MANDATORY):
• Each participant has to wear a CE certified life jacket with a minimum buoyancy of 50N.
Restube can alternatively be used, but must be displayed when registering and the
minimum buoyancy of 50N must be proven.
• Each participant always has a mobile phone that is ready for use in the water.
• The number is to be deposited with the race management with the registration.
• At least one person per boat must be leashed to the boat.
• A replacement paddle in the racing classes OC1, OC2, Vaá 1ér and 6ér is recommended.
• Each participant has to choose his clothing according to the weather and water conditions.
We assume a water temperature between 10-15 degrees.
• Anyone who does not adhere to the safety regulations will be automatically disqualified!
During the safety check at the start, a violation leads to exclusion from the race. Even a
security breach, detected on the water or at the finish, leads to it.

Please inquire about accommodation options on the Grönwohld campsite. The reservation
of holiday homes, townhouses (in different sizes), caravans, glamping tents and sleeping
cubes is to be made by the participants themselves by specifying the event (Baltic Sea
Festival). Those who want to travel by car, bus, mobile home or caravan will also be provided
with the space they need. Here, too, you register with the operators for your own needs and
then get a convenient briefing.
Registration for the campsite only via Make the
request with your idea and also ask for an alternative.
Our goal and the main idea remain to accommodate all paddlers in one place!

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