SUP World Rankings Update

The EUOR TOUR started their season last weekend in Italy and that caused some movement in the top ten. The movement was not as much as we anticipated because we missed the entire Spanish SUP Elite as they held their championships that weekend.

Since the EURO TOUR is only doing Longdistance Races and many other organizers are following suit we be mostly busy updating this category. As far as Sprint Races goes we same scenario, we most likely wont see a SUP Sprint until the ISA Worlds.

Men Longdistance

Donato Freens remains on top of the ranking with 5 Longdistance Races but Rai Taguchi is catching up fast. His 4th place in Punta Ala moved him up 2 spots. For all of you wondering where the winner from that race is, Shrimpy is with his first victory in place 26 with 454.4 points. We are sure one more win and he be in the top 10. Antonio Morillo is dangerously close to Rai Taguchi, this will come down to the next race on who will be taking the 2nd place.

The athletes that did not race this weekend moved down. Except for Bodie von Allmen. He held on to his 8th place. We know he is going to the Lake Rocks Festival in Austria in tow weeks and a solid result there should keep him in the top 10 after that.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Donato FreensNED1967.6552. Punta Ala SUP Race
2Rai TaguchiJPN1169.9234. Punta Ala SUP Race↑ 2
3Antonio MorilloESP1123.0331. 3S Festival↑ 2
4Thomas DusartFRA968.652. Amiens Paddle Race*↓ 2
5Ricardo RossiITA964.2446. Punta Ala SUP Race↑ 4
6Normen WeberGER863.5634. Spring SUP Race*↓ 3
7Ludovic TeuladeFRA815.2426. Spring SUP Race*↓ 1
8Bode von AllmenUSA797.8543. Dana Ocean Challenge*
9Eri TenorioBRA787.637. Punta Ala SUP RaceNEW
10Filippo MercurialiITA770.3631. Trasimeno SUP Race*↓ 2
* Result from an earlier race, did not race that weekend.

Women Longdistance

Juliette DuHaime dethroned Laura Quetglas with her 3rd place at the EURO TOUR. If Laura would have participated in a race this weekend she probably would have kept her top spot. The points difference is only 55 points. Cecilia Pampinella is also catching up, but if she wants to get to the top she will have todo better than a 5th place.

Alba Frey and Susak Molinero both joined the worlds top ten list with their results, one in Italy and one in Spain. We are still missing two of our favorite athletes: Esperanza Barreras and Duna Gordillo. Espe is currently in rank 37 with her first victory that gave her 184 points and Duna is just in holding position in the 11th spot with 2 races and 373.4 points.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Juliette DuHaimeARG587.5133. Punta Ala SUP Race↑  3
2Laura QuetglasESP532.5324. Battle for Hercules*↓ 1
3Cecilia PampinellaITA518.3235. Punta Ala SUP Race↑  2
4Petronella van MalsenNED428.521. Rondje Haarleem BeNe SUP Tour*↓ 2
5Samantha EastburnUSA406.2242. Dana Ocean Challenge*↓ 2
6Soryn PrestonUSA402.0531. Dana Ocean Challenge*
7Alba FreyESP400.5123. 3S FestivalNEW
8Susak MolineroESP399.2826. Punta Ala SUP RaceNEW
9Jessica MatosBRA381.2521. Ultimate Paddle Brazil*↓ 2
10Vira LemekhaUKR373.635. Trasimeno SUP Race*↓ 1
* Result from an earlier race, did not race that weekend