Mondello Water Festival 2024 Results

The Class of Modello (Photo: EURO TOUR)

This weekend the Mondello Water Festival near Palermo on Sicily marked the EURO TOUR Stop Number Two. The price money of EUR 2000.- for each winner must have been big enough to get Titouan Puyo to come out of his (semi-) retirement. We have not seen Titou racing since the ICF Worlds in Thailand where he was fourth and before that at the ISA Worlds he was second in the Longdistance Race. In fact these were the only two SUP events Titou attended in 2023. His last big year was 2022 and he petty much dominated all year long.

The race promised to be as good as back in the old days with Titou and Boothy in the water battling for podium. The anticipation was big and frankly so was the reality check after the race. The two titans of the sport came way far behind not even close to top 10. That was quite a sobering moment for us here looking at the results.

Once again Shrimpy hung them them all out to dry, the Japanese junior won the podium with 41 seconds ahead of David Leao and one minute exact ahead of Donato Freens. That Shrimpy was going to put down a great result was no surprise but the over all results and the shake up in names and the place we are finding them in is not the order we are used to from the past. Was Titous comeback a failure? Did Boothy peak a few years ago? Maybe we are a bit premature with theses questions and this was a one tine hick up. One thing for sure, results like this keep things interesting and we are already looking forward to the next race and hope for a rematch.

Foto by TotalSUP

Men Longdistance

11:15:12Shuri ArakiJPNElite Junior
21:15:53David LeaoBRAElite M
31:16:12Donato FreensITAElite M
41:16:15Filippo MerculialiITAElite M
51:16:17Ludovic TeuladeFRAElite M
61:16:18Blue EwerUKElite M
71:16:21Rai TaguchiJPNElite M
81:16:25Davide AlpinoITAElite M
91:16:33Oliver HoughtonNZLElite M
101:16:36Eri TenorioBRAElite M
111:16:40Paolo MarconiITAElite M
121:17:39Vaïc GarioudFRAElite Junior
131:18:46Arthur ArutkinFRAElite M
141:19:14Itzel DelgadoPRUElite M
151:20:24Ricardo RossiITAElite M
161:22:06Titouan PuyoFRAElite M
171:23:34Leo NikaITAElite M
181:23:38Giancarlo ConteITAElite Junior
191:24:12Michael BoothAUSElite M
201:24:36Tommaso PampinellaITAElite M
211:24:42Fabrizio RondinaraARGElite Junior
221:26:42Elias AlpinoITAElite M
231:27:23Riccardo PostilloneITAU16
241:27:37Santino RiveraARGElite Junior
251:27:43Gian luca CorrieroITAU14
261:27:54Giuseppe CossentinoITAElite M
271:28:06Giulio BruccianiITAElite Junior
281:28:15Vincent GuillaumeITAElite Kahuna
291:29:30Mateo PerniscoITAU16
301:30:03Serse SabatoITAU14
311:34:03Mario La MastraITAElite Master
321:36:43Lefteris MaroulakisGRElite Kahuna
331:38:58Gianluca GalantiITAElite Kahuna
341:40:58Marco PizzoITAElite Master
351:42:58Luigi BlancatoITAElite Kahuna
361:46:58Francesco LigorioITAElite Master

Women Longdistance

The ladies had a perfect rematch from the Punta Ala SUP Race. Mariecarmen Rivera from Puerto Rico once again dominated not by seconds but by minutes. The battle for 2nd and 3rd was behind her just like in Punta Ala between Melanie Lafenetre and Juliette Duhaime. These two ladies crossed the finish line within 6 seconds from each other. The podium was pretty much a repeat, Mariecarmen up front in a good lead with Melanie and Juliette behind battling for the second place. Another, but a bit of an unfortunate repeat from the last EURO TOUR was Cecilia Pampinellas lag behind the front runners. Maybe we are holding her to higher standards after her great year in 2023 because after all she is still paddling in the junior division.

Susak Molinero was the only person holding it down for Spain. Once again we missed the Spanish power paddlers but frankly they are still working on their national team qualifications this weekend so they were busy with that.

Mariecarmen digging deep. (Photo: EURO TOUR)
11:25:36Mariecarmen RiveraPRElite W
21:27:43Melanie LafenetreFRAElite W
31:27:46Juliette DuhaimeARGElite W
41:29:54Susak MolineroESPElite W
51:32:23Iona RivetFRAElite W
61:32:56Cecilia PampinellaITAElite Junior
71:33:49Claudia PostiglioneITAU16
81:39:15Laura NittiITAElite W
91:39:24Sveva SabatoITAU14
101:39:25Velia PisanelliITAElite Junior
111:43:03Miriana MangialascheITAU16
121:46:03Bianca ScarangellaITAElite Junior
131:46:58Sofia ProfetaITAElite Junior

You can watch the replay here from Matieu Mr. TotalSUP on Facebook:


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