Hawaii Downwind Race Series

Koa Kai Tripple Crown combines Paddle IMUA – M2O – M2M

The month of July has been traditionally THE Downwind Month in Hawaii. It started back in 2008 when Downwind SUP Racing became popular on Maui. It was a time when the world of SUP came to meet in Hawaii to race the famous 9 mile course where SUP racing actually started: The Maliko Run.

Hawaii had a strong turnout of SUP Athletes year after year as the ocean racing community kept growing. Back then then pinnacle of SUP Racing was the famous M2O and its shorter version the M2M. The run of strong SUP Races kept going until about 2018/19 when slowly but surely the foil started to take over and the busy European SUP Race Schedule started to suck the athletes away from the Hawaiian waters. Then Covid came and the M2O was not held for 3 years. In that time the development of Downwind Foiling was on over drive as the foil took the downwind community by storm.

Now the M2O is going into its 2nd Post-Covid race, the demand for Downwind Foiling became that big that the M2O organizers were forced to split the races into two weekend. The M2M was sold out in less than one hour with one hundred participants and many waitlisted. To give the Hawaii Downwind Month of July more weight this year the organizers of the Paddle IMUA, the M2O and the M2M have joined forces and crated the Koa Kai Tripple Crown.

There is no price money but lots of prestige. Athletes have to participate in all three races and the winner will be crowned at the awards ceremony after the M2O.

Stay tuned for lots of great content as Hawaii once again is leading the Downwind SUP Foil Trend.