Pro Sayulita SUP Open Results

This years SUP Season quietly opened in Sayulita, Mexico. The SUP Festival style race and SUP Surf Contest looks like it is starting to attract SUP racers who’s name we are seeing in bigger races through out the year. Sayulita is well known in the watersport world and was also the venue for the ISA SUP World Championships in 2015.

One of the main draws of Sayulita is its excellent conditions for a variety of watersports. The warm waters and consistent waves make it ideal for surfing, attracting surfers of all skill levels. Beginners can take lessons from local surf schools, while more experienced surfers can challenge themselves on the larger swells.

This year Connor Baxter was on location giving SUP Clinics and racing against Christian Andresen, who enjoyed some time in the warm sun away from Denmark. It was him then who took the win in the Tech. Race over Itzel Delgado and Connor in the Tech. Race. In the longdistance it was Itzel Delgado who traded spots on the podium with Christian Andersen. Connor remained on the third place.

We lack the details of the race and do not know how close the out come was, but we are wondering if these results are an indicator for future competitions where we see these three racers?

On the women side Julitte DuHaime was the only international name in the sport who participated and won against two local paddlers.

Women open Tech. Race
🥇Juliette DuHaime
🥈Sofía Finer
🥉Alex Ostrowski

Women LD Open
🥇Juliette Duhame
🥈Alex Ostrowski
🥉Katniss Paris

Men JR Tech. Race
🥇Cohen Rutherford

Men Máster 40+ Tech. Race
🥇Adam Finer
🥈Ozzy Ostrowski
🥉David de Ossio

Men LD Máster 40+
🥇Ozzy Ostrowski
🥈David de Ossio
🥉Carlos Galindo

🥇Pablo Campo Rodriguez
🥈Oliver Martínez

Women open SURF
🥇Lucía Cosoleto
🥈Sofia Finer
🥉Alazne Aurrekoetxea
🏅 Kanani Yockman

🥇Oliver Martínez de la Cueva

Men open Tech. Race
🥇Christian Andersen
🥈Itzel Delgado
🥉Connor Baxter

Men Long Distance Open
🥇Itzel Delgado
🥈Christian Andersson
🥉Connor Baxter

Women JR Tech. Race
🥇Summer Sage

Women masters 40+ Tech. Race
🥇Kath Shaw
🥈Kristen Marina Lefeldt
🥉Jess Bouchee

Women LD master 40 +
🥇Kristen Marina Lefeldt
🥈Kath Shaw

Women LD JR
🥇Summer Sage

Men open SURF
🥇Max Torres
🥈Felipe Hernandez
🥉Hector Gonzalez
🏅 Josué Alvarez

Men’s Master SURF
🥇Adam Finer
🥈Ron Lee
🥉Kanani Yockman
🏅 Dan Miller