Donato Freens Changes Sponsors

Donato Freens changed from his German sponsor Light Corp. SUP to Infinity. This for sure came as a big surprise as Donato was a solid member and the pride of the “Hanauer Gang” surrounding Gerd Weisner and his SUP Brand. Even not being from Germany, Donato was a big part of the the Light Corp. posse.


In the 2023 Stand Up Paddle Race Season, Donato Freens demonstrated his exceptional skills and determination, achieving remarkable success on the water. Competing in various events, he showcased his mastery of the sport and his ability to excel in challenging conditions. He was the top ranked Longdistance Paddler in 2023 and also the busiest one with 14 Longdistance Races under his belt last year.

Throughout the season, Donato’s performances were characterized by his strategic paddling techniques and his unwavering focus on the finish line. His dedication to training and his passion for SUP were evident in every race.

Donato’s achievements in the 2023 season solidified his reputation as a top-tier SUP athlete, earning him respect and admiration from his peers. His success serves as a testament to his talent and perseverance, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in the future.

We would have maybe expected for Starboard or NSP to pick up an exceptional athlete like this, but not necessarily a California based SUP brand that is rooted in the surf sport like Infinity. Donato is the latest addition to a slow but strongly growing Infinity Race Team. We are glad to see that owner Dave Boehne has faith in the SUP Race Sport and continues to invest in it with is first European Athlete.

Sadly this move is a big loss for the Team Light Corp as they are loosing their only international stand out but also their strongest paddler. We are curios to see if they they are going to be able to fill this void with another upcoming or already established international paddler.