SUP World Ranking Update

With the ICF SUP World Championships a great 2023 SUP season is coming to an end. We are now looking at the final list of the Top 10 athletes in the world. Winter break is upon us and we have plenty time to analyze who is the true SUP World Champions 2023. For now take a look the ICF races in Thailand have shifted the rankings.

Men Longdistance

Nobody was able to catch Donato Freens who was not in Thailand. With 13 races under his and a solid points lead his number one spot was secure. The only one who could catch him was Ludovic Teulade but his 6th place was not enough. Noic Garioud had a big win in Thailand and made it to the podium in the ranking. We may note that it took him only 5 races to get there. (We will analyze this in a future post.) Rai Taguchi was 3rd in Thailand and moved into the 4th spot. Shuri Araki also had a great race in Thailand and his 2nd place secured him the 8th place in the SUP World Ranking. Aaron Sanchez and Michael Booth had acceptable results at the ICF and therefore remain in the top 10. Normen Weber, Bruno Hasulyo and Christian Andersen did not compete at the longdistance in Thailand and lost 2 spots.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Donato FreensNED133872.97
2Ludovic TeuladeFRA103354.8
3Noic GarioudFRA52980.56NEW
4Rai TaguchiJPN72979.29NEW
5Normen WeberGER102886.68↓2
6Bruno HasulyoHUN82866↓2
7Christian AndersenDEN92835.77↓2
8Shuri ArakiJPN52769.2NEW
9Aaron SanchezESP92677.32
10Michael BoothAUS72532.18

Women Longdistance

Esperanza Barreras solidified her top spot with a win in Thailand. In fact Espe held the top spot for the entire season since we started keeping track in April. Despite her 6th place in Thailand Anna Tschirky defended her spot against Duna Gordillo who was 3rd in Thailand. Cecilia Pampinella did not paddle the Open Longdistance and looses one spot. The runner up in this division is Kimberly Barnes, her surprising 2nd place moved her to spot number 5. Iona Rivet also moved up 2 spots due to her 7th place. All others did not race in the longdistance in Thailand.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Esperanza BarrerasESP113590.4
2Anna TschirkySUI142944.32
3Duna GordilloESP102581.7↑1
4Cecilia PampinellaITA102284.61↓1
5Kimberly BarnesUSA61298.9NEW
6Tanja EckerGER71144.67↓1
7Iona RivetFRA81076.05↑2
8Emma Freja PedersenDEN81063.89↓2
9Juliette DuHaimeARG61053.44↓2
10Candice ApplebyUSA61009.55↓2

Tech. Race Men

Christian Andersen has been holding the top spot since his win in Agios Crete and his 5th place in Thailand gave him enough points to fend off Connor Baxter who win in Thailand in the legendary final. With Shuri Araki in spot number 3 and his 8th place at the ICF the top spots did not change. Itzel Delgado arrived with a 2nd place on spot number 4 and Antonio Morillos bronze medal got him into rank 5. All other moved down except Noic Garioud who come in last in the A-Final.

1Christan AndersenDEN103492.56
2Connor BaxterUSA73362.86
3Shuri ArakiJPN52585.65
4Itzel DelgadoPER72172.65NEW
5Antonio MorilloESP72140.27NEW
6Fernando PerezESP71997.72↓1
7Davide AlpinoITA71894.22↓3
8Noic GarioudFRA41799.9
9Ollie HoughtonNZL61786.65↓3
10Arthur ArutkinFRA71754.01↓1

Tech Race Women

Esperanzas victory in Thailand showed once again that she belongs in the top spot. Neither Melanie Lafenetres 2nd place or Juliette Duhaimes third place would change any of that. Anna Tschriky did well in Thailand with a 4th place but moved one spot down because of Melanie. Fiona Wylde was 7th in the Tech. Race which did not give her enough points to significantly move up. Unfortunately we did not see Marie Carmen River in Thailand, but her previous results kept her in the top 10.

1Esperanza BarrerasESP92672.41
2Juliette DuhaimeARG71910.94
3Cecilia PampinellaITA81526.13
4Melanie LafenetreFRA51497.05↑2
5Anna TschirkySUI81490.4↓1
6Fiona WyldeUSA51166.05↑1
7Caroline KuntzelDEN51107.31
8Marie Carmen RiveraPUR7972.46
9Alba FreyESP7951.92↑1
10Claudia PostiglioneITA7812.19↓1

Sprint Men

One of the most exciting disciplines but the least races. Christian Andersen held to top spot since his 5th place at the ISA his 8th place in Thailand was enough to keep it that way. One more win for Noic Garioud and that would probably change. Noics victory moved him up 4 spots. Andrey Kraitor did very well with a 3rd place in Thailand and moved up 5 spots back into the top 3 were he was most of the summer. Most interesting to see was that Connor Baxters victory in Thailan and only sprint race all year was enough to get him into the top 10. Davide Alpino defended his 4th rank with a 4th place in Thailand. Blue Ewer was 9th and jumped up from previously 10th rank to 6th.

1Christan AndersenDEN41500.71
2Noic GarioudFRA21389.6↑4
3Andrey KraitorBUL21196↑5
4Davide AlpinoITA31162.32
5Claudio NikaITA31075.37↓3
6Blue EwerGBR4840↑4
7Aaron SanchezESP3833.66↑2
8Ollie HoughtonNZL2713.65↓5
9Connor BaxterUSA1700NEW
10Itzel DelgadoPER3671.65↓2

Sprint Women

Melanie Lafenetres 4th place in Thailand backed up with a 1. ISA and 1. ESF was enough to make her the champ in this division. Sey-Chelles win at the ICF Sarasota and Thailand got her right into the 2nd place behind Melanie. Another great new entry in the top 10 is Juliette Duhaime with her 2nd place in Thailand. Sadly Caroline Küntzel did not perform well at the ICF and lost her top rank. Another name we have not seen in the ranking is Tarryn King, her podium in Thailand backed up with also a 3rd place at the ISA put her in spot number 6.

1Melanie LafenetreFRA3871.75↑1
3Juliette DuhaimeARG2630.4NEW
4Caroline KuntzelDEN3618.81↓3
5Cecilia PampinellaITA3606.11↓2
6Tarryn KingRSA2555.84NEW
7Linda SyrovatkovaCZE5523.42↓3
8Iva DundovaCZE3452.25↓3
9Marta ApanasewiczPOL2404.95↓3
10Anna TschirkySUI2359.9↓3

These are the top 10 SUP Athletes of the world as of the end of season 2023. In a future post we will analyze and determine the real world champions as this system has one flaw: You can race many smaller events and get enough points to for example sit out a bigger event. In a future article we will look at more details.