Olivia Piana Documentary Chasing Horizons

Permiere Crozon-Morgat, Friday, October 20 at the Le Rex Cinema at 7pm

”Chasing Horizons” follows the remarkable journey of waterwoman Olivia Piana. In this extraordinary feat, Olivia conquers a new world record by navigating from Peniche to Sagres in Portugal, covering an astounding 287.4 kilometers in just 14 hours and 36 minutes-all while harnessing the raw power of the wind and waves using only her SUP foil surfboard and a paddle.

Her achievement is unprecedented for both men and women.
‘Chasing Horizons’ is more than just a tale of record­breaking; it’s a heartfelt call to action, urging us to safeguard coastal ecosystems and an inspiration to transcend our limits and make a lasting impact.

Directed by Sergio Penza
Produced by Panthalassa
Cinematographer : Ruben Crespo
Editor : Maialen Sorasua