ISA SUP World Championships Tech Race Finals Results

It is like we almost called the mens’ podium after the semi finals. With Shrimpy winning Semi #1 and Rai Semi #2 it was pretty clear that team Japan was going to make its mark in France this year. After a false start it took the race directors over 2 minutes to decide to restart the race and the entire field made its way back to the beach.

Off the beach Rai Taguchi took an early lead and dominated the front of the race until the first yellow buoy turn when he got taken over by Noic Garioud. At this time Shrimpy was in the 3rd position just a few seconds behind. The rest of the field moved into the yellow buoy like its 2013 and we are at the Doheny Beach park. It was carnage. On the next round, on they way back to the yellow buoy Shrimpy launched an attack on the leading two as he sprinted for a small bump enabling him to catch up right at the buoy. Then at the turn he was able to sneak by the inside and taking over Rai and Noic. It was a very clean move and greatly executed. Michael Booth and Titouan Puyo were now a good margin behind but still ahead of the greater field which once again made for great carnage at the yellow beach buoy behind these guys.

Then it became clear and the top 5 positions were set. Shrimpy winning with11.87 seconds ahead of Noic and almost half a minute in front of Ray.


Tech Race Ladies

On the ladies side things seemed decided rather quickly as Esperanza Barreras had the lead after the start and never gave it up the entire time. Her final time then also showed her clear dominance winning with 21 seconds over Melanie Lafenetre and then adding almost another 20 seconds on top of Maricarmen Rivera. Even the yellow buoy did not make a difference in the lead change in the first round. However it got very close in the 2nd round after the beach buoy as Espe fell off her board 20 yards after the turn and gave Melanie the opportunity to catch up real close. All of a sudden the outcome was not as clear anymore. Now it was those two leading the pack with a margin right behind each other. Over time in the flat water it then once again became clear what a strong paddler Espe is. She was able to increase her lead over Melanie by a few board lengths. Melanie launched a few more attacks as the bouy turns in the waves, as these turns are one of her strengths but it was just never enough to catch up for good. Then on the final stretch Espe hammered away and got one last bump and then made it clear: She is the champ.

Over all spoken there outcome of this race was, besides Esperanza and Melanie, not as expected as we thought. We have Maricarmen Rivera, a lesser known paddler in Europe, taking second place. Seeing Cecilia Pampinella on a disappointing 10th place was also a bit of a surprise.


Junior Girls

Junior Boys