Foil Drive Unboxing

After seeing the first foil drive, it was very clear that the inventors have unlocked a full wealth of possibilities for foil enthusiast. Not only is the Foil Drive great for all sorts of applications it can also be an E-Foil carrying a full grown adult above water. This capability opens the possibility for beginners to start foiling much easier than prior: No boat needed, or waves needed. Once you know how to foil, the Foil Drive will stay with you and get you through days without waves or little wind or gets you in waves you never dared to dream of.

The possibilities are pretty much endless.


Low wind? No problem…
Wing in more conditions and avoid the walk when blown downwind.


Head further offshore with confidence knowing you WILL get on foil or motor back to land if need be.


Three paddle strokes and you’ll be flying! Pop the motor out for unlimited, drag free waves where others can’t reach.


Flatwater Foil Drive with ultimate control and carve with ease thanks to the light weight design, opening up glass days for foiling.


No boat or ski required to learn to foil in your own time and develop your skills rapidly. It’s the fastest, easiest way to learn.

Over 70 compatible foil masts

In this video we are getting started unboxing the Foil Drive, looking at all the parts and getting it all sorted out.


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We will have multiple videos and reviews in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned for a full Foil Drive video series.