SUP World Rankings Update

Unfortunately we had to take a break from our weekly updates. On August 8th our town of Lahaina fell victim to the worst wild fire in the history of Hawaii and in US history in over a century. If you are not in the loop you can read our story here. As we are picking up the pieces now and it is time see what changed in the last 2 weeks.

Men Longdistance

Looks like Ludovic Teulade made a move and his 2. place in the Sand Up Paddle Salavaux got him back into the top three on the expense of Bruno Hasulyo who has been inactive for a while. We also welcome 2 new athletes in the Top Ten: Manuel Lauble from Germany entering the top ranks as the 2. German this season. His win at the Race in Davos, Switzerland and his 3. Place at the Sand Up moved him to 8. place. Just making it into the top 10 is Asger Smidt from Denmark with 9. Place at the Skrea Strand Paddelrace

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Donato FreensNED113422.55
2Christian AndersonDEN82602.25
3Ludovic TeuladeFRA62237.45↑1
4Bruno HasulyoHUN62069.05↓1
5Normen WeberGER72024.68
6Kaelan LockhartAUS91924.6
7Noic GarioudFRA31826.8
8Manuel LaubleGER81812.8NEW
9Bodie von AlmenUSA71753.37↓1
10Asger SmidtDEN81723.2NEW

Women Longdistance

The womens field remained pretty much unchanged. Anna Tschirky did race at teh Sand Up Paddle Salavaux in Switzerland. Her first place gave her some points but not enough to catch Esperanza. Tanja Ecker from Germany won the Skrea Strand Paddlerace and moved from her 11. place back in to Top Ten, therefore pushing the remaining ladies behind her by one spot.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Esperanza BarrerasESP82527.3
2Anna TschirkySUI102247.02
3Cecilia PampinellaITA71815.1
4Duna GordilloESP71723.65
5Candice ApplebyUSA61009.55
6Tanja EckerGER6975.55NEW
7Peronella van MalsenNED5824.21↓1
8Juliette DuHaimeARG5796.94↓1
9Susanne Eder-MeyerGER6795.49↓1
10Iona RivetFRA5770.6↓1

Men Tech. Race

The Tech. Race category remains quite as we did not see many changes. Christian Andersen is still leading the charges and his 1. place at the Skrea Strand Paddlrace gave him a solid points lead over Connor Baxter.

New in the list is the Swedish paddler Linus Karlsson with a win at the Planet Baltic SUP Race and a fourth place at the Skrea Strand Paddlrace.

1Christian AndersenDEN72563.53
2Connor BaxterUSA42016.8
3Davide AlpinoITA61758
4Shuri ArakiJPN31636.05
5Ollie HoughtonNZL51580.29
6Donato FreensNED51511.22
7Fernando PerezESP51467.32
8Claudio NikaITA51387.95
9Linus KarlssonSWE51415.02NEW
10Blue EwerGBR41282.76↓1

Women Tech. Race

The women Tech. Race top ten list is exactly the same like we left it.

1Cecilia PampinellaITA71511.39
2Esperanza BarrerasESP51498.23
3Juliette DuHaimeARG51334.44
4Caroline KuntzelDEN4970.19
5Anna TschirkySUI5888.4
6Fiona WyldeUSA3831.8
7Claudio PostiglioneITA6773.27
8Duna GordilloESP3749.3
9Skadi LangbeinGER4631.6
10Melanie LafenetreFRA2559

Men Sprint

All three new names in the list com from the Planet Baltic SUP Race: 1. Mikolaj Majdan, 2. Linus Karlsson, 4. Mathyas Soukup.

1Andrei  KraitorBUL1576
2Matyas SoukupCZE3506.93NEW
3Linus KarlssonSWE2506.45NEW
4Filippo MercuraliITA1504↓2
5Mikolaj MajdanPOL2463.6NEW
6Matej SmidaSVK2448.72↓3
7Christian AndersenDEN1446.4↓3
8Ondej PetrakCZE2417.12↓3
9Davide AlpinoITA1388.8↓3
10Vojta SeidenglanzCZE2372.88↓3

Women Sprint

All the movement in the women’s sprint race is to the fact that the Planet Baltic SUP Race had a sprint category: 1. Marta Apanasewicz, 3. Linda Syrovatka, 4. Tereza Sazavska.

1Linda SyrovatkaCZE5523.42↑1
2Iva DundovaCZE3452.25↓1
3Marta ApanasewiczPOL2404.95NEW
4Caroline KuntzelDEN1360↓1
5Lucie RaabCZE4284.68
6Cecilia PampinellaITA1288↓1
7Skadi LangbeinGER2251.4↓1
8Juliette DuHaimeARG1230.4↓1
9Anna HykovaCZE2202.24↓1
10Tereza SazavskaCZE3201.71NEW