SUP Tricktionary Review

We met with Fred Bonnef after the M2O to talk about his book: The SUP Tricktionary.

Fred worked for 3 years on an over 500 page encyclopedia about SUP. This book covers everything thing from gear knowledge to SUP Racing, SUP Foiling and even getting a proper barrel on your SUP Surfboard.

This book is a perfect tool for all SUP coaches, rental stations and shop. Athletes like Michael Booth share their knowledge. You are getting tips directly from Zane Schweitzer. Bart de Zwart talks about Ultra Longdistance and you can take a lesson is SUP River Surfing. There is not a single topic in this book that has not been covered.

In this video we talk about how much work went into this book, how is part of it and how Fred experienced his first SUP Foil Downwinder in Hawaii.


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