paddle IMUA record participation

The 13th paddle IMUA had a record participation like we have not seen since the big Olukai days. The only difference was that during the Olukai it was SUP only and now it was any craft. Nevertheless, the amount of cars trying to get into the Maliko Gulch was crazy. The turn out was really good and every division was sold out.

We enjoyed the paddleIMUA as a family day and experience for all ages and abilities.


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The big story in the competitive world of course remains with SUP Downwind Foiling and the paddleIMUA was a bit of rematch between Kai Lenny and James Casey. Who came in 4th and 5th at the Maui2Molokai the weekend before. There were 40 competitors in this division and the finishing times ranged between 28 minutes on the top end and almost 2 hours on the bottom end. All top 3 men finished within a minute of each other. We are definitely very curios now how the M2O will turn out now that we have the 2nd SUP Downwind Foilrace in the books ans some results to reference with. So far we can’t pick a clear stand out in the new SUP Downwind Foil class. All eyes now on the Kaiwi Channel.

Men SUP Downwind Top 10 of 40

1James Casey28:03:00
2Andrew Gibbons28:25:00
3Kai Lenny28:43:00
4Jeffrey Spencer29:14:00
5Oskar Johansson29:32:00
6Tom Constant30:46:00
7Armie Amrmstrong30:53:00
8Matt Nottage31:49:00
9Josh Ku32:26:00
10Aidan Nicholas32:49:00

On the ladies side we had 7 athletes competing. It was Olivia Piana who won over the local favorite Annie Reickert who to this day is the first women to SUP Foiled the Kaiwi Channel. Other notable ladies on the list, are Paige Alms who made her self a name in women’s big wave surfing and Julia Mancuso a former Alpine Ski Olympic medalist who calls Maui home. As this sport is growing we are sure we will see all these numbers grow dramatically in the years to come.

Ladies SUP Downwind Top 10 of 40

1Olivia Piana34:25:00
2Annie Reickert36:05:00
3Devin Blish44:18:00
4Tomoko Okazaki46:18:00
5Michelle Crompton56:57:00
6Julia Mancuso1:18:55
7Paige Alms1:21:17

More Podiums

Wing Foil Men 56 participants

1Bobo Gallagher19:45
2Jon McCabe23:17
3Alan Cadiz23:26

SUP Men 21 participants

1Kosuke Matsuyama56:20:00
2Rob Walton58:32:00
3Jerry Bess1:03:45

Wing Foil Ladies 12 participants

1Cynthia Brown28:55:00
2Carolina Dickenson34:28:00
3Sloane Jucker35:31:00

SUP Ladies 2 participants

1Suzie Cooney1:14:56
2Melissa Plemmons1:17:53

Line Honors went to Jesse Richman the well know kite boarder finished the 8 mile run in 18 minutes and 5 seconds. Notably second was only 14 year old Bobo Gallagher with 19 minutes and 45 seconds on his wing foil.