SUP World Rankings Weekly Snapshot

There was no longdistance race this weekend so we are starting with the least recognized race discipline for once:

Sprint Men

It was the Machac Paddle Fest, that was the big influence this week. Somewhere in the Czech Republic was a SUP Race called Paddle Fest Machac. The only ones that have heard of it or got results is of course the SUP World Rankings and with the participation and other metrics it received an index of 6.32 and therefore one star. Now most of the paddlers from Thailand are out of the top ten and replaced by quite a few Czech paddlers.

1Daniel HasulyoHUN1316.4
2Itzel DelgadoPER1276.85
3Roman KlepacCZE2269.84NEW
4Matej SmidaSVK1252.8NEW
5Natapat KomanTHA1245.21↓2
6Michal BrandtnerCZE2235.4NEW
7Quinn PirritNZL1226↓3
8Vojta SeidenglanzCZE1221.2NEW
9Petr RohlenaCZE1218↓4

All new entries in the top ten were also in the top 10 in Machac. Matej Smida won the race but only has one race so far this is why he placed behind Roman Klepac who was in 6th in Machac but has 2 races.

Women Sprint

We are seeing a similar scenario in the women rankings. We had Iva Dundova, who is not an unknown name in the local SUP Community, winning the Machac race and now moving up 4 spots to first. The second place in Machac was Linda Syrovatka who is now in the top three.

Another new entry in the top ten is Germany’s junior paddler Skadi Langbein who who the 3. Eckernförder SUP Race, another race we were sadly not informed of.

1Iva DundovaCZE2294.25↑4
3Linda SyrovatkaCZE2197.25NEW
5Maddie McAseyNZL1141.25
6Lucie RaabCZE2137.76↑4
8Skadi LangbeinGER1125NEW
9Rosara DavisNZL1113↓3
10Karolina UhrovaCZE1109↓3

Men Tech. Race

We did have the Gran Canaria Pro this weekend but it did not make a difference in the top 10. The only two racers in the top ten present at the EURO TOUR Race in the Canaries were Blue Ewer (3.) and Christian Andersen (2.). Their position has not changed but they are now much closer to the top two in points. The two new comers are Samuel Peska who won the Tech. Race in Machac and Ollie Houghton who made 5th at the EURO TOUR event.

1Ludovic TeuladeFRA41299.54
2Donato FreensNED31279.7
3Blue EwerGBR31154.76
4Christian AndersenDEN31149.2
5Andrey KraitorBUL3854.08
6Davide AlpinoITA3832
7Filippo MercurialiITA3826.7
8Connor BaxterHAW1800
9Samuel PeskaCZE4786.52NEW
10Ollie HoughtonNZL3737.04NEW

Ladies Tech. Race

On the ladies side the scenario is not much different from the men. Anna Tschirky once again did very well at the EURO TOUR and her 2nd place in Gran Canaria lifted her in to the 6th place. The other name we pay attention to this week is Skadi Langbein who obviously had a great weekend in Germany also winning the Tech. Race at the Eckernförder SUP Race now moving up 2 spots.

1Cecilia PampinellaITA4870.99
3Caroline KüntzelDEN2512.8
4Juliette Du HaimeARG2511.25
5Fiona WyldeUSA1500
6Anna TschirkySUI3493.2NEW
7Skadi LangbeinBRD3473.6↑2
8Claudia PostiglioneITA3472.32↓2
9Susanne Eder-MeyerGER2402.2↓2
10Melanie LafenetreFRA1400↓2


There was absolutely no movement in longdistance this weekend, but for the records we are posting the rankings anyway.


1Donato FreensNED52095.06
2Ludovic TeuladeFRA52039.7
3Bruno HasulyoHUN41811.88
4Bodie von AlmenUSA61487.08
5Noic GarioudFRA21323.2
6Christian AndersenDK51320.04
7Aaron SanchezESP41285.12
8Davide AlpinoITA41261.1
9Kaelan LockhartBEL/AUS61255.6
10Normen WeberDE41164.75


2Anna TschirkySUI61432.58
3Cecilia PampinellaITA51239.55
4Duna GordilloESP51098.9
5Candice ApplebyUSA4706.75
6Alaba FreyESP3700.48
7Susanne Eder-MeyerGER5652.09
8Claudia PostiglioneITA4598.72
9Ginnie BettsGBR4522.42
10Soryn PrestonUSA4453.39