SUP World Rankings End of June Update

Men Longdistance

There as little change this week since the EURO TOUR in Scharbeutz was a technical race. The only note worthy news is that Donato Freens did not participate in Scharbeutz as he was at the Dutch SUP Tour and won the longdistance there. This gave him some extra points to further solidify his first position.

1Donato FreensNED72402.76
2Ludovic TeuladeFRA52039.7
3Bruno HasulyoHUN51886.63
4Kaelan LockhartBEL/AUS71494.8
5Bodie von AlmenUSA61487.08
6Blue EwerGBR41455.54
7Aaron SanchezESP51329.97
8Noic GarioudFRA21323.2
9Christian AndersenDK51320.04
10Davide AlpinoITA41261.1

Ladies Longdistance

The ladies top 10 saw some action. Frankly there was a race in the USA that Candice Appleby won. It was the Santa Monica Pier Race where Soryn Preston came in 2nd, putting her back in the top 10. Iona Rivet got her points from the Pinochet Paddle Trophy and moved up one space.

2Anna TschirkySUI61432.58
3Duna GordilloESP61397.9
4Cecilia PampinellaITA51239.55
5Candice ApplebyUSA5837.75↑1
6Susanne Eder-MeyerGER6795.49↓1
7Iona RivetFRA5770.6↑1
8Alaba FreyESP3700.48↓1
9Claudia PostiglioneITA4598.72
10Soryn PrestonUSA5558.19NEW

Ladies Tech. Race

This is where all the action was, all the changes came from the results at the EURO TOUR in Scharbeutz. Eperanzea dethrones Cecilia Pampinella and is now on top of the ranking in both major disciplines. Her lead is extremely thin and could change the next time we have a Tech. Race.

These are the ladies results that moved them up or down:

Esperanza 1. / Cecilia 3. / Anna 4. / Fiona 5. / Claudia 9. / Duna 2. / Skadi 16. and Melanie won the Pornichet Paddle Trophy.

There are just not enough Tech. Races, it seems the world of SUP love londistance.

2Cecilia PampinellaITA61280.99↓1
3Anna TschirkySUI4701.5↑4
4Fiona WyldeUSA2660↑2
5Claudia PostiglioneITA5627.52↓3
6Duna GordilloESP2619NEW
7Melanie LafenetreFRA2559↑3
8Caroline KüntzelDEN2512.8↓1
9Juliette Du HaimeARG2511.25↓4
10Skadi LangbeinBRD3473.6↓2

Men Tech. Race

Ollie Houghton takes the top spot over Donato Freens. Ollies 7th place in Scharbeutz was enough to move up 2 spots and Donatos absence helped as well. Big news this week also is the arrival in the top ten of Shuri Araki (2.), Connor Baxter ( 6.) and Noic Garioud (5.) in Scharbeutz.

1Ollie HoughtonNZL51580.29↑2
2Donato FreensNED41459.1↓1
3Ludovic TeuladeFRA41299.54↓1
4Blue EwerGBR41282.76
5Christian AndersenDEN41229.2
6Shuri ArakiJPN21180NEW
7Connor BaxterHAW21152NEW
8Noic GarioudFRA21084NEW
9Davide AlpinoITA41078.4↓3
10Filippo MercurialiITA41042.3↓3


On the men side there were no changes. How ever there was a SUP Race with a sprint category and from what we can gather it must have been in the Czech Republic: The Jizera Paddle Fest. Sprint races must be far more popular in Eastern Europe as we now see mostly Czech women dominating the world top 10. We are still at a loss why organized SUP Tours don’t incorporate more SUP sprint.

1Linda SyrovatkaCZE3333.5↑3
2Iva DundovaCZE2294.25↓1
3Lucie RaabCZE3246.76↑3
6Alena VozdovaCZE3150.4NEW
7Maddie McAseyNZL1141.25↓2
9Skadi LangbeinGER1125↓1
10Karolina UhrovaCZE1119.67