EURO TOUR Bord Ocean SUPDays Results

The results for the anticipated EURO TOUR Bord Ocean SUP Race are in and they came a bit as a surprise. The big favorite was Michael Booth and we are sure his fourth place came as much as a surprise as the first place came for Blue Ewer. Blue is having a good season so far, coming from Austria with a 1st and 3rd place and Gran Canaria 3rd. Second was the Brazilian Eri Tenorio he came from the Carolina Cup with a 4th place. Another new name on the podium was Ollie Houghton, the New Zealand champ made 3rd only 7 seconds behind Eri.

In fact the top 5 all came within one minute from each other, well Conner Baxter was 2 seconds short of that but we round that down. To see Connor Racing a longdistance race was actually kind of a novelty lately as we all know he likes to specialize in sprints, so his 5th place was not as much of a surprise as Boothys 4th.

Michael Booth commented the following in his instagram page:

What an interesting race in Bordeaux that ultimately incorporated more race strategy than pure paddling. I paddled well, had a good race but didn’t get the result I would’ve otherwise wanted, but that is racing sometimes.

I arrived in Bordeaux the day before the race and had a paddle session on the river to try and work out what was going on. Initially, I was on the 20.75 Starboard Sprint, but I was extremely surprised by how much current there was on the river. So, I quickly switched to a Starboard Allstar 20.5, and fortunately, @fiona_wylde allowed me to borrow her board as mine had not arrived yet. I tried to study the currents as much as I could in the short time I had, researching online and speaking to a few people about the course. It’s always difficult to understand rivers when you’re not familiar with the area, and it really adds a significant gambling element to the event. Ultimately, I decided that the closer side was the best strategy, and I would follow that in the race.

Off the start, I got a bit caught up with a few paddlers and fell behind. However, I was able to make up ground quite quickly and was in the front at the second turn, about 2 kilometers into the race. I actually decided to hold up and let the pack through. Then slipping to the inside with Connor and a couple of others. This seemed to create a bit of confusion with the lead pack as they got caught in the middle before deciding to come across and take the inside line. I hugged the bank and built a lead of about 90 seconds at the top of the course (about 7 kilometers into the race) to Ty and Aaron, and then Connor was maybe another 30 seconds behind that. Here, I thought as long as I maintained a good pace, I would comfortably take the victory. Well, how wrong I was.

Despite the inside line of the course working well on the first lap, it did not work on the second. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it probably wasn’t the fastest way in the first place, but with the whole men’s field taking that line, it was impossible to know. And secondly, it is really hard when leading to take a seemingly large risk to go against what was working on the first lap. I thought about going to the far side, but I stuck to my guns and went the inside again, which cost me 4 minutes in the time gap back to the second or third pack who decided to move to the outside. Smart by them, and I know if I was in their position, I would’ve taken the same gamble.

I pushed really hard to catch them in the final 2 kilometers, but I just didn’t have enough juice left in the dying stages to push again. Overall, I think it was a positive race for me as I couldn’t have done any more. I had a strategy based on the conditions, what I saw, and my gut feeling, and unfortunately for me, it didn’t work out. To provide perspective, I think no one who went on the inside on the second lap finished in the top ten (I haven’t seen the full results). This is just my version of events, and I’m sure there are lots of stories from this race!

What was really cool for me was competing in front of my young family for the first time. We are doing a little tour of Europe and running clinics and racing in between. It’s a great way to see the world.

The next race is in Sharbeutz, and it’s a sprint race. Let’s see how I do there. 

The current world number one Donato Freens finished on a disappointing 15th place, but he might get away not loosing his top spot as most of his contenders were not present in Bordeaux. Only Blue, but we don’t think he will get to points to jump in 1st. We will see mid week when we do the snap shot

On the women side it was the Esperanza Barreras, Duna Gordillo and Iona Rivet show, these three ladies all arrived within 20 seconds at the finishline then followed by Fanny Tessier how made 4th but with over 4 minutes delay. In fact the entire ladies race was pretty much a French / Spanish affaire.

Results Longdistance

Men Top 20 of 66

  1. Blue EWER  01:11:50 M ELITE
  2. Tenorio ERI  01:12:01 M ELITE
  3. Oliver HOUGHTON  01:12:08 M ELITE
  4. Michael BOOTH  01:12:33 M ELITE
  5. Connor BAXTER  01:12:52 M ELITE
  6. Manuel HOYUELA ROJAS  01:13:10 M ELITE
  7. Ricardo Avila  01:14:33 M ELITE 8
  8. Daniel  PARRES  01:14:49 M ELITE Kahuna
  9. Kaelan LOCKHART  01:14:56 M ELITE
  10. Jonnathan Hagan  01:15:29 M ELITE  
  11. Olivier DARRIEUMERLOU  01:15:36 M ELITE Master
  12. Garcia Valero JOAN  01:15:39 M ELITE Junior
  13. Simon ACKERMANN  01:15:42 M ELITE Junior
  14. Alexis HILLAIRET  01:15:53 M ELITE
  15. Donato Freens  01:15:54 M ELITE Junior
  16. Hasulyo BRUNO  01:16:03 M ELITE
  17. Tomas LACERDA  01:16:08 M ELITE
  18. Aaron SANCHEZ QUETGLAS  01:16:13 M ELITE  
  19. Tomas Grosup  01:16:14 M ELITE
  20. Ty Judson  01:16:15 M ELITE

Ladies Top 19 of 19

  1.  Espe BARRERAS  01:26:48 F ELITE
  2. Duna GORDILLO  01:27:02 F ELITE
  3. Iona RIVET  01:27:10 F ELITE
  4. Fanny TESSIER  01:31:24 F ELITE  
  5. MariCarmen Rivera  01:33:49 F ELITE
  6. Laura Quetglas  01:33:59 F ELITE
  7. Erica Revil  01:33:60 F ELITE
  8. Elene ETXEBERRIA  01:34:46 F ELITE Junior  
  9. Agathe RODIER  01:37:27 F ELITE
  10. Ainhoa RIVAS  01:37:28 F ELITE Junior
  11. Camille Hrn  01:37:29 F ELITE
  12. Alexia SOTO  01:46:04 F ELITE Junior
  13. Ines BLIN  01:46:21 F ELITE Junior
  14. Laurence KRESS  01:48:43 F ELITE Kahuna
  15. Gaelle PAPONNAUD  01:49:47 F ELITE
  16. Olympe VERNEDE  01:50:11 M ELITE  
  17. Laetitia LEZER  01:54:31 F ELITE Kahuna
  18. Fabienne LEVALLOIS  01:57:16 F ELITE Kahuna
  19. Marie POURREYRON  02:05:45 F ELITE Master