SUP World Rankings End of May

We had several races this week but not too many moved the needle on the top 10 rankings. The Madeira SUP Challenge had a rather small turn out but a few know names. Madeira received a 2-Star ranking. The next race we were looking at was the SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime. This was once THE biggest race in Europe and one of the most important ones as well. Now the race is pretty much a french national race without a big international turn out. This race received a 1-Star rating.


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One race that did end up going into the rankings was the Barion SUP Race (1-Star) almost 2 weeks ago. This race did make a small difference in the top 10 rankings, mainly for Davide Alpino who is now in the top 10.

We once again need to stress our surprise that we do not see more sprint races. There was one sprint race on Mai 20th that got in to the rankings. The Snowboardel Paddle Fest Hostival in the Czech Republic made it into the rankings and shuffled things up a bit.

Men Longdistance

Due to the Madeira SUP Challenge we did see some movement but not much. Christian Andersen did well with a 3rd place and moved back into the top 10 to number 6. We also see Davide Alpino in the top 10 due to his win at the Barion SUP Race a week before Madeira.

1Donato FreensNED52095.06
2Ludovic TeuladeFRA52039.7
3Bruno HasulyoHUN41811.88
4Bodie von AlmenUSA61487.08
5Noic GarioudFRA21323.2
6Christian AndersenDK51320.04NEW
7Aaron SanchezESP41285.12↓1
8Davide AlpinoITA41261.1NEW
9Kaelan LockhartBEL/AUS61255.6↓2
10Normen WeberDE41164.75↓2

Ladies Longdistance

As predicted the Madeira SUP Race did not make a difference in the women rankings. All we saw is Claudia Postiglione from Italy moving into 8th place with her result from the Barion SUP Race.

2Anna TschirkySUI61432.58
3Cecilia PampinellaITA51239.55
4Duna GordilloESP51098.9
5Candice ApplebyUSA4706.75
6Alaba FreyESP3700.48
7Susanne Eder-MeyerGER5652.09
8Claudia PostiglioneITA4598.72NEW
9Ginnie BettsGBR4522.42↓1
10Soryn PrestonUSA4453.39↓1

Men Tech. Race

We did not have a Tech. Race this weekend but because of the Barion SUP Race from 2 weeks ago we now have Davide Alpino moving into 6th place pushing the rest of the field one rank down.

1Ludovic TeuladeFRA41299.54
2Donato FreensNED31279.7
3Blue EwerGBR2908
4Christian AndersenDEN2870.6
5Andrey KraitorBUL3854.08
6Davide AlpinoITA3832NEW
7Filippo MercurialiITA3826.7↓1
8Connor BaxterHAW1800↓1
9Normen WeberBRD2735↓1
10Noic GarioudFRA1700↓1

Ladies Tech. Race

In the ladies rankings we have the same thing: Claudia Postiglione won the Barion SUP Race and moved into the 6th place pushing the rest of the field down.

1Cecilia PampinellaITA4870.99
3Caroline KüntzelDEN2512.8
4Juliette Du HaimeARG2511.25
5Fiona WyldeUSA1500
6Claudia PostiglioneITA3472.32NEW
7Susanne Eder-MeyerGER2402.2↓1
8Melanie LafenetreFRA1400↓1
9Skadi LangbeinBRD2348.6↓1

Sprint Race

The most inactive race category is the print race. We do not understand why sprint races are not part of an SUP event. This is actually the easiest category to hold a race in and its very spectator friendly. Due to a race we never heard of or got any info about we now do have a bit of movement in that ranking: The Snowboardel Paddle Fest Hostivař in the Czech Republic.


3Maddie McAseyNZL1141.25
4Iva DundovaCZE1136.25NEW
6Rosara DavisNZL1113↓1
7Karolina UhrovaCZE1109NEW
9Marlene BerghNZL190.4↓2
10Lucie RaabCZE187.2NEW


1Daniel HasulyoHUN1316.4
2Itzel DelgadoPER1276.85
3Natapat KomandTHA1245.21
4Quinn PirritNZL1226
5Petr PirritCZE1218NEW
7Ollie HoughtonNZL1197.75↓1
8Filip KubinaCZE1190.75NEW
10Fergus DunlopNZL1175.15↓2

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We thank the SUP World Rankings for the great work finding all these races and give them an index we can base a solid and reliable ranking system on.