Madeira Island SUP Challenge Results

We did not get many info’s on the EURO TOUR SUP race on Madeira. but from what we can gather from the results the field of athletes was not too big. Remote island locations like this are always difficult to get athletes to over come logistical challenges to make it to the start line.

On the men side the top paddlers were Clement Colmas in first, Ty Judson in second and Christian “Polarbear” Anderson. Non of them is currently in the top ten of the SUP World Rankings so it will be interesting to see if the results helped to move them up into the top rankings.

On the ladies side we had all eyes on Duna Gordillo and Anna Tschirky, Looking at the race times, it is quite remarkable how much faster Duna was than Anna. The time difference was over 5 minutes. Frankly we don’t know what happened but if there were not unusual circumstances then we will continue to have an interesting SUP season amongst the female competitors. Anna is currently in spot #2 in the World Ranking and Duna in #4 with a 381 point gap to Anna. The win in this race will not be enough to close the gap significantly as we suspect a low race index for the Madeira Island SUP Challenge. We will know more in the middle of the week when we do our snap shot.

Ladies results

1 Duna Gordillo ES 1:14:57  ELITE
2 Anna TschirkyCH1:20:28ELITE
3 Petronella Van MalsenNL1:24:32ELITE Master
4 Emily EvansGB1:24:50ELITE
5 Verónica SilvaPT1:34:32 ELITE
6 Mia SilvaPT 1:35:25 Junior
7 Maria Clara Pereira PT1:41:08ELITE 
8 Michala Hendrichova CZ1:43:12ELITE Junior
9 Flavia Fernándes CR1:43:22ELITE
10 Clara Erra PT1:45:07ELITE Master
11 Carlota Duarte PT1:47:39ELITE Junior
12 Susana da Costa PT1:53:39ELITE
13 Raquel Gouveia PT2:05:53ELITE Master

Men results

1 Clement Colmas ?? 1:07:58ELITE
2 Ty Judson ?? 1:08:53ELITE
3 Christian Andersen ?? 1:09:30ELITE
4 Tomás Lacerda ?? 1:09:37ELITE
5 Ollie Houghton ??   1:10:07ELITE
6 Lirah Machlev ?? 1:10:24ELITE
7Guilherme Olim ?? 1:14:12ELITE Junior
8Leo Nika ??   1:14:12ELITE
9 Jonathan Hagan ?? 1:15:22ELITE
10 Paulo Freitas ?? 1:16:03ELITE
11Rui Ramos ?? 1:16:15ELITE Master
12Guilherme MarSns ?? 1:18:45ELITE Junior
13Tiago Silva ?? 1:22:43ELITE Junior
14 Tomaž Jensterle ?? 1:23:33ELITE Master
15Luis Cunha ?? 1:24:03ELITE Junior
16João Pita ?? 1:24:26ELITE Junior
17 Gonçalo Do Rosário ?? 1:24:46ELITE Junior
18Pedro Gaspar ?? 1:24:53ELITE Junior
19Rodrigo Fernandes ?? 1:25:02ELITE Junior
20Felipe Fernandes ??   1:25:33ELITE
21André Ribeiro ?? 1:26:34ELITE
22João Abreu ?? 1:40:55ELITE Junior
23Francisco Pinto ?? 1:47:08ELITE Junior
24Francisco Nunes ?? 1:51:13ELITE Kahuna