Caroline Kuntzel SIC International Rider

Hard work gets rewarded: Caroline Küntzel had an amazing 2022 year with many podiums. She was formerly sponsored by the Swedish SUP Label “Kona Sports”. Now she got taken over by SIC International making their A-Team.

We are sure the guys at Kona are going to miss her, after she put their brand on the international map. We congratulate Caroline to her new endavour and are sure this sponsorship will allow her more international travel.

This is her announcement:


I´m so stoked to be a part of the SIC MAUI international team this year. I am looking forward to see how far I can go with a team like them supporting my dreams and goals. I love their equipment and the team is so kind! Remember to follow along for this journey! #boundbywaterTo get all the news first, remember to sign up for my email newsletter. Be the first to recieve news about my competitions, training, clinics, sponsors and events!