Midsummer Vikings 2023 cancelled

We regret to hear the announcement just crossed the wire on Thursday night November 11th 2022:

Dear Vikings, Dear Friends

Allow us to jump directly to the conclusion: Unfortunately, we have sad news for you: There will be no Midsummer Vikings in 2023.

Given the current economic environment with steep inflation, rising energy costs, and a recession looming ahead, we unfortunately cannot deliver the high-quality event we all love.

We have repeatedly reviewed budgets and explored other ways to run the event, but we fear that this would compromise quality and lower that magical event experience significantly for both organizers, volunteers and all our participants. We are extremely proud of the legacy we together have built around the Midsummer Vikings since 2019, and therefore it also saddens us deeply to make this call.

But we promise to come back in 2024 with a new version of Midsummer Vikings.

We are said to hear the Vikings will not be able to raise the money for the event. Evidently the title sponsor Red Bull does not have the budget either to cover the cost for the event.

We hope their money was not all invested in Crypto Currency.