ISA SUP World Championships the attack of the juniors

The ISA SUP World Championships Longdistance race was a watershed moment. It was like the juniors got up in the morning and said lets start revolution and show the old guys who is in charge from now on.

What a sensational win this was from Shuri Araki, pulling way from two of the greatest in the sport right now: Titouan Puyo and Michael Booth. Japans own Shrimpy activated his booster and took off that made everybody dizzy and won his second gold medal of the event.

Another great performance was Duna Gordillo. It was her and Esperanza Barreras on a neck on neck race but at the end Duna was just a good board length ahead of Espe. Who would have that thought Duna beating the star of the European SUP summer in Puerto Rico.


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