SUP and Wingfoil Talk

Sorry everybody, I was on a short vacation, those following on Instagram might have noticed and after that of course I got punished with so much to catch up with. I had not time to make a video but now we are in full swing back in video mode and there are quite a few things we have to catch up on. If you don’t want to sit thought all the 7 minutes of video here are the main talking points in this video in chronological order:

Tragedy in Thun

The Honu SUP Center, host of the annual ICE Race has burnt to the ground. How can you help the owners getting back on their feet? (Go fund me page here).

ISA Worlds

9 Days until Puerto Rico and we have zero communication from the ISA. What is going on? Who is going?

Wingfoil World Tour

The sport is growing and the there are more and more participants. They are getting younger and better but can the weekend warrior still relay to all the crazy freestyle tricks?

ChattaJack 31

Chatta…. what? A race in the south east of the USA is drawing over 400 participants but goes mostly unnoticed by the international SUP community. We took a closer look and will have an interview with the organizers.

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