ISA SUP World Championships News and Updates

With great anticipation we were waiting for the the first ISA worlds in 3 years and here we are. We are opening up a news feed with results and some small recaps for the day. You will find the latest news always on top.

Sunday Team Relay

Team relays are always a nice way to finish up. Kind of like the ALOHA CUP at the ISA Surf Games. Sadly team USA got a DQ because one of their members did not round the flag on the beach correctly.

  1. France
  2. Japan
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. New Zealand
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. Argentina
  8. Peru
  9. Mexico
  10. USA (DQ)

Saturday Junior Tech. Race

Great junior race on Saturday. Why the ISA did only to Tech. Race for the juniors remains an unanswered question how ever we are stoked to see the future of SUP racing in Puerto Rico.

Junior Boys

  1. Vaic Garioud FRA – 00:32:35
  2. Nariakira Shimazu JPN- 00:33:20
  3. Campbell Carter USA – 00:33:35
  4. Lucas Simoncelli ESP – 00:35:11
  5. Noa Stender DEN – 00:38:48
  6. Fabricio Rondinara ARG – 00:39:04
  7. Alberto Casella ITA – 00:39:25
  8. Fergus Dunlop NZL – 00:40:06
  9. Cauê Menezes BRA Lap
  10. Gerald Cornier PUR Lap
  11. Weng, Chiang-Wei TPE Lap
  12. Alí Gómez Alcaraz MEX DNF
  13. Felipe Marthe COL DNF

Junior Girls

  1. Cecilia Pampinella ITA – 00:23:31
  2. Sonia Caimari ESP – 00:25:58
  3. Soryn Preston USA – 00:27:31
  4. Yu Tachibana JPN – 00:30:39
  5. Rosara Davis NZL – 00:31:11
  6. Amanda Loren PUR – 00:32:20
  7. Sofía Finer MEX – 00:32:25
  8. Rebeka Klotz BRA – 00:32:41
  9. Tiphaine Maillard FRA – 00:36:30
  10. Pilar Colli ARG DNF

Friday Longdistance Race

All the young guns must have got together and said: “Lets start a revolution!” It was absolutely incredible to see 16 year old Shrimpy Shuri Araki pulling away from the two titans of SUP Longdistance and winning by quite a margin.

Another incredible performance was Duna Gordillo her and Espe Barreras were having a battle to the end and then it was her who had the cleaner exit and won.

Men top performance

  1. Shuri Araki
  2. Titouan Puyo
  3. Michael BOOTH
  4. Noïc Garioud
  5. Eri Tenorio
  6. Aaron Sanchez
  7. Christian Andersen

Women top performance

  1. Duna Gordillo
  2. Espe Barreras
  3. Mélanie Lafenetre
  4. Lina Augaitis
  5. Jenny Kalmbach
  6. April Zilg

Thursday SUP Surfing Finals

Luis Diniz winns his 3rd ISA gold medal with a pretty clear win over Benoit Carpentier a veteran in SUP Surfing and Zane Schweitzer SUP Surfing also a long time competitor. The big surprise was the women’s podium with Mari Lucia Cosoleto winning by only 0.17 over Japans Kaede Inoue. A bit of a disappointment was Izzi Gomez with her 4th place, she entered the competition as a favorite to win the title.

Final results


  1. Maria Lucia Cosoleto – ARG – 10.17 (5.50 / 4.67)
  2. Kaede Inoue – JPN – 10.00 (7.00/3.00)
  3. Aline Adisaka – BRA – 8.46 (4.23/4.23)
  4. Isabella Gomez (COL) – 4.07 (3.00/1.07)


  1. Luiz Diniz – BRA – 16.00 (8.67/7.33)
  2. Benoit Carpentier – FRA – 12.57 (7.67/4.90)
  3. Zane Schweitzer – USA – 11.83 – (6.10/5.73)
  4. Taka Inoue – JPN – 10.83 – (6.50/4.33)

Day 3 Tech. Heats and Semi

Men Finals

That was quite an exciting race and Shrimpy Shuri Araki took the SUP World by storm. With a flaw less run he out paced and out paddled the experienced guys.

These are the top athletes

  1. Shuri “Shrimpy” Araki (Japan) 26:41
  2. Noic “Chicken” Garioud (France) 27:05
  3. Titouan Puyo (France) 27:15
  4. Michael Booth (Australia) 27:32
  5. Connor Baxter (USA) 27:55
  6. Christian “Polar Bear” Andersen (DK) 28:11
  7. Itzel Delgado (Peru) 28:15
  8. Antonoio Morillo (Spain) 28:20
  9. David Leão (Brazil) 28:48
  10. Leo Nika (Italy) 28:52
  11. Ty Judson (29:08)1
  12. Manuel Hoyuela (Spain) 29:20

Women Finals

In the first round Candice Appleby was able to get a wave an pull away from the pack and had a big lead. In the 2nd round paddling back towards the beach she was able to get another wave to solidify her lead and then it was pretty clear. Candice would not give away the gold medal.

  1. Candice Appleby (USA) 28:42
  2. Esperanza Barreras (Spain) 29:14
  3. Melanie Lafenetre (France) 29:18
  4. April Zilg (USA) 30:08
  5. Jenny Kalmbach (Costa Rica) 30:16
  6. Duna Gordillo (Spain) 30:42
  7. Mariecarmen Rivera (PR) 30:56
  8. Lena Ribeiro (Brazil) 31:01
  9. Cecilia Pampinella (Italy) 32:02
  10. Lina Augaitis (Canada) 32:53
  11. Stephanie Bodden (Panama) 33:53
  12. Laura dal Pont (Italy) 34:04

Day 2 Tech. Heats and Semi

The semi final results are just in and we have the finals for Monday. We are excited to see what they will bring. Here are the qualified racers:

Michael Booth AUS
Connor Baxter USA
Shuri Araki JPN
David Leão BRA
Titouan Puyo FRA
Christian Andersen DEN
Antonio Morillo ESP
Noic Garioud FRA
Leonard Nika ITA
Ty Judson AUS
Manuel Hoyuela ESP
Itzel Delgado PER

Candice Appleby USA
Esperanza Barreras ESP
Melanie Lafenetre FRA
Duna Gordillo ESP
Jennifer Kalmbach CRC
Cecilia Pampinella ITA
Mariecarmen Rivera PUR
April Zilg USA
Stephanie Bodden PAN
Lena Ribeiro BRA
Laura Dal Pont ITA
Lina Augaitis CAN

Who is going to be your favorite?

One other take away from today was, that if you were one to have complained about the conditions at the ICF race (crazy longdistance day) you would not have done well in this race. The Tech. Race Course was filled with swell and some breaking waves even near the turning buoys. It was almost a bit like the PPGs back in the day. This would have been nothing for our land locked flat water specialists.

Day 1 Sprints

Its like the highlight of SUP Racing is already in the books. There is nothing more exciting than short and fast 4 men or women heats. We all knew that Sprints are Connor Baxters new thing and we were very excited to see how things will go for him after his gold at the ICF in Poland. And… he did it. The master pulled it off once again showing everybody how its done.

  1. Connor Baxter USA 01:11
  2. Noic Garioud FRA 01:15
  3. David Leão BRA 01:18
  4. Christian Andersen DEN 01:23

This was a great moment for Connor and for those of you who had money on him probably saw that coming as we went into the race a clear favorite. He won every heat and posted mostly the fastest time including for the over all fastest time in the semi final with 1:09.

The ladies races were equally as exciting. The only OG racer in the mix here was Lina Augaitis and sadly she did not make the cut in her heat. It was April Zilg who dominated the field and increased her speed heat after heat. As a surprise from our side was probably not to see Melanie Lafenetre in the final but she just fell short in the semis behind Caroline Küntzel. In Melanies case she also had bit of an unfortunate head draw in compare to Semi #1 where the local paddler Mariecarmen Rivera was able to place 2nd behind April Zilg without much competition.

  1. April Zilg USA 01:32
  2. Caroline Küntzel DEN 01:37
  3. Mariecarmen Rivera PUR 01:40
  4. Cecilia Pampinella ITA 01:41

We are stoked to see then April booking the final with a dominant lead over Caroline. April emotionally told us her story about not starting to be a completive paddler until she was already 25 and now here she was at the age of 36 showing girls half her age how its done. Congratulations! And for the young guns: You are doing epic and you girls have a bright future. This wrapped up day 1.

Full live broadcast not available to be embedded in web site. (Facebook restrictions)