Foil Pump Record AGAIN

Once a again we see the proof that foil pumping is progressing fast. What was unthinkable 2 years ago is now reality: People are dock starting all over the world and limits are being pushed hard. Not too long ago a New Zealand kid named Hugo Wigglesworth did the unthinkable an pumped for a good 17 minutes straight. Now this record has been broken and a new record of 23 minutes and 5 seconds has been set. It was Keaton Fischer who set the new record at the AWSI Trade Show in Hood River.

23 minutes 5 seconds – 3.82 miles – 6.15 km

We once again must stress the competitive and commercial potential of pump foiling. Just like SUP you can pump in any body of water and almost any kind of conditions. The community of Pump-Foil enthusiasts is rapidly growing around the world and particularly in regions where people do not have access to ocean waves. Pump-Foiling for many became the land locked surfing in a way.

Soon enough the number of people that master this difficult technique will be big enough and things will snow ball from there.

How ever there is one big obstacle for the industry to overcome: Entry level price. This sport appeals to young people, who also evidently have the stamina to pump for this long, but they do have the lack of income to afford a foil set up priced over a thousand bucks.

We are in the early stages and are watching the development with excitement. For all of you who like to know more details here is the newsletter we just received from AXIS Foils, the company who made the equipment this record was possible on. Opening with one key question:

How long will this record last? 

We released the AXIS PNG1310 to the public on August 1st 2022 and since then riders everywhere are making crazy advances in dock starting and flatware pumping. Just a few months ago Hugo Wigglesworth stunned us with a 17 minute effort that beat the previous best efforts by an easy 10 minutes. Enter Keaton Fischer and his first record attempt took him well over 20 minutes at the recent AWSI Show, Hood River Oregon. 

Two weeks on and he’s done it again with an amazing 23 minutes and 5 seconds. Set on Flathead Lake, Montana at an elevation of 2894 ft, he covered a distance of 3.82 miles (6.15 km) with an average speed of 9.9 mph (15.9 km/h) Keaton uses the winning combination of AXIS PNG1310, Red Short fuselage, Pump 460/60 rear wing, Power Carbon High Modulus 750mast and the AXIS Tray 110.

What makes the PNG1310 work isn’t simply its span. We have completely redesigned the PNG foil section for the PNG1310 with a focus on maximising the performance and glide for such a big span wing. 

The AXIS PNG1310 will amaze you as it turns the tiniest waves into a fun playground. This wing really resonated with our larger test riders, but also with anyone in areas that aren’t blessed with great surf and winds that rarely get above 8 knots. 

If you have ambitions of posting a pumping record, or like many of us just want to pull off a successful dock start this is the wing for you.

The PNG1310 is as accessible to both learners and advanced riders alike. You can make the most out of the PNG1310 when combined with the Power Carbon and Power Carbon High Modulus masts. 


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